Friday, June 10, 2011

Huwha? How long was I out?
So yesterday I made a post about Meeting a Hypnotist online and briefly discussed my excitement and experience with it so far. Then a short time later my friend, who has been so kind to offer to do this for me, also offered to answer any questions that my reader's might have about real hypnotism.

Today's post is to provide a forum for readers to answer questions in the comment section below and he will answer them Anonymously. Please don't ask him if he can teach you too or who he is. His time is very limited and it's very sweet that he has offered to do this. Please don't take advantage of his generosity and spoil the mood. thank you and ask away! ^_^

P.S. Oh yeah.. and you can post Anonymously now! No account needed, just tell me what you think or ask a question! If you do like what you see and find your self coming here a lot please do consider following my blog. ^_^


Anonymous said...

I'm here and ready to answer your questions.

I'll do my best to provide prompt and accurate answers to whatever questions you may ask. I reserve the right to answer easier questions first so I can take time to give good answers to the harder ones.

Geofrey said...

I have a friend that has constantly used hypnotism websites for about five years. Over that time his personality has nearly completely changed. He started as an athlete, a family man, a movie and video game enthusiast, and a heterosexual. Now he is none of those things. His (now ex wife), blames the websites. I'm not convinced. I don't think that irresponsible use of this tool can create such a drastic change. What is your opinion?

Anonymous said...

In most cases, it all depends on the willingness of the participants. A skilled manipulator though could successfully pull off such a change as you described. Even an unwilling participant could in some cases be slowly nudged in an undesirable direction. I find the practice highly unethical but I'll briefly outline how it could happen.

We all have a core set of beliefs and values. In most cases, a strong attempt to change them will be met with fierce resistance. If, however, the changes are made in small increments, it may not trigger the resistance mechanism. The result is that the core beliefs slowly drift in the direction of influence.

All the more reason to make sure that you are dealing with a hypnotist with ethics.

stephie said...

Is it possible to hypnotise someone so they see and feel their body as being of the opposite gender while being aware it isn't real? That is not thinking they've always been the opposite gender.

Samantha said...

personality-wise, I'm really shy, even
though I perform as a musician, and
have worked in sales, so I can learn to
function in a situation. I'm wondering
if I tried something like self-hypnosis
what would be an effective approach:
try and change my personality somehow,
try and change the anxiety to new
try and role play situations to a
positive outcome
or some other approach?
I know nothing about hypnotism other
than some books I read years ago that
didn't work back then, when I had the
attention span of a fish. I'm not clear
how you would approach getting a desired
outcome using hypnosis, partly because
I don't understand it.

Anonymous said...


Up until about a week ago, I would have had my doubts. Last week, I met someone with exceptional skill and training who is able to do just that. This individual is even able to perceive a slow body transformation and several other fun effects...all without a formal induction of a trance state.

It is not common for someone to have that full of an effect right away, but that's not to say that there aren't some people that are able to accomplish it quite quickly.

I should note here that it is generally easier for a hypnotist to work with you in person than it is over the phone...and those even more than over online chat.

Anonymous said...


One of the first things that a hypnotist would likely try with you for your shyness/anxiety is positive anchoring. (Google the words hypnosis and anchoring if you want to try it yourself.)
With anchoring, it is nice to ask the question "How do I know it's time to..." do whatever the adverse action is. So for you, you might ask, "How do I know when it's time to be anxious?". Whatever answer you get gives you a good location to consider placing a positive anchor.

There are plenty of other methods that could be used to deal with your situation, but anchoring is probably the place where most would start.

Since your issue is more traditional, it is very likely that a hypnotist an office practice somewhere near you and would be able to guide you through the process.

Will said...


I understand that hypnotism can cause illisuinons ect. What are it limits in that regard, can it only affect sight or can it alter all the senses?

Anonymous said...


Your mileage may vary, but hypnosis can alter all the senses. The reason I say YMMV is because each individual has an aptitude for each sense along some spectrum of experience.

For many people, the visual sense is quite strong, and visual illusions may be more easily induced. Others may naturally tend more to sounds they hear, how things smell, or the feel of a room as they experience something.

Some very common stage hypnosis skits involve feeling hot/cold, smelling a good/bad smell, being tickles by unseen hands, and in some cases eating an onion while having it taste like an apple.

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