Monday, June 13, 2011

sissy house rules

So, this was a throwback to all the sissy fiction I used to read when I first got the web and well.. discovered Sissy Fiction. heh.. The plot of going to your aunt and getting sissified has been used and reused 100's of time's. But At the time, it was new and exciting to me. So I gave it a shot. ^_^

Look further for a question from the wonderfully Sweet Alectra.Read on after the page break.

(When did you start to grow a love for Mila Kunis? ^^)
First avatar

heh, I was kinda wondering when someone would ask me something like this. It's true, I have a crush on Mila, But I use her for a number of reason's. when I first joined up on yahoo, on the sanctuary, and even the haven, I felt I needed a "look".  I needed a model with a bunch of pics so I could swap avatar's, but still look like "me". I wanted people to see that avatar and put two and two together, Help people to picture me as the girl in the avatar. I first started using her and crushing on her, about 7 or 8 year's ago.

Jennifer = Mila --- Mila = Jennifer

I do have a big girl crush on her, But most don't know that my choice was becuase I felt I had found  "Jennifer". She just felt right to me and I was happy to think that when people saw her, they thought Jennifer. I wanted people to picture me as a girl while chatting, so this was just one way to do that. I felt it made it easier for them. ^_^
look in to my eye's and tell me I made a bad choice       

Of course, That's not to say I don't like to be thought of as other women. I love being capped as all sort's of beautiful girl's and do not wish that every caption made for me, or by me, to feature Mila. I have a rather extensive list of models I would love to look like as Jennifer, but Mila is just the default setting. *giggle*


Alectra said...

Well i'm glad i was the first to comment on that, i've been struggling my head on that question for sometime eh, eh, eh...
And yeah i can see you like her in every aspect, don't hesitate to ask me something Jennifer i don't want to feel like the inquirer too much eh, eh, eh
Hugs and Kisses Alectra

Caitlyn Masked said...

Hmm... I think you nailed that story line Jennifer. I normally don't go for the 'Auntie' stories... they never did much for me. But that cap is a little slice of heaven!

As for Mila... I hate to admit it but the avartar you were using when I really started to get to know you didn't even look like Mila to me. So while I now picture you as Mila (and Mila as you!) I didn't start out that way.

venatus said...

heh, nice cap, though I have a feeling if I came out of a haze wearing make up and sporting tits the shower wouldn't be my first reaction.

Dee Mentia said...

Will try to make this somewhat like the comment I had made that got "lost" somewhere in cyberworld.

I really liked the sissy caption, and remember the Auntie type captions fondly, though the fact you made your protagonist put up a bigger fight made it more fun for me. The Auntie captions really had the former boy be WAY too mellowed out from the training.

As to the whole avatar thing, I have always pictured you as her since it was your representation on the Haven. I think it fits you pretty well. Most of the characteristics you display are ones I tend to view Mila as having.

As I mentioned on Caitlyn's blog, my avatar on the Haven is someone that I had followed at one time from Livejournal. Not a celebrity, but someone that I can identify with, and figured I would look like her if I was female. She has many of the same facial features that I do. I haven't used her pictures on the blog since she is just a "normal" person and I only use her on the Haven, which is members only. Not sure she would be happy about me appropriating her pictures as such. Its also why I've resisted giving out her website so others could use pictures in making captions for me.

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