Thursday, June 23, 2011

Full update time! yay! Took a little longer then I liked, but I had some things going on yesterday. if you already read today's story, you can still read on past the break and see me yakkity yak about it. Or just comment below. ^_^ (No account needed!)

Today's story was Made for the incomparable (stroking egos are fun!) Smitty! Who has been making me quite a few lovely tales of will crushing humiliation and pleasure. Including a tale based on my favorite TG story I've read over the year's. All or nothing which is a 3 part series from the Incredibly sexy Trisha who's knack for pushing my sissy humiliation loving buttons is outstanding! (stroke)

If you haven't read all or nothing yet, or Trisha's other tales of sissy subjugation, then.. what's wrong with you? Just kidding! (sort of..)  you really should check it out, and especially before you read on past the break.
So, I've always wanted to do something set in the all or nothing universe. It had that perfect mix of alpha males and helpless sissy's that I look for. Not to say I only enjoy it like she did it, but she definitely gave me the clues needed to figuring out what I like about competition themed TG Caps and story's.

in fact, nearly all of my own competition centric Themed caps are fashioned after the all or nothing series. from my newest tale, to A certain kind of girl and 8! 9! 10! new slut!. But I never knew how to tackle it and try to turn it into a caption.

I wanted to cover everything Trisha did in her tale, the reveal of what happens to the loser, (or at least building on the fear of what would happen if you lost.) the fight it self where all is laid on the line and in one moment you lose everything. And then what the new slaves have to put up with, no matter who you knew, no matter how many friends you had, they would all be using you like the slut you are now.

but the biggest problem I always had, was wanting to show that moment of being pinned. I could never find one of a girl and a guy having sex on a mat in what could possibly pass for the arena at Mason and Mason. lucky for me, Smitty is a huge fan of the universe as well, so when I got myself a requested caption based on that very universe, I knew I didn't have to cover every single thing.

So instead, I focused on one of the things I think I do best. Emotions! I would really like to learn how to pull it back and focus on sensations of a stocking covered leg or lipstick staining newly pillow soft lips. instead, I always go for how that makes them feel instead. But, play to your strengths right?

And that's what I think I did. I took one of my favorite moments in the all or nothing series, where Brandon went to mingle with one of the waitresses. A former employee of Mason and Mason who had gambled everything for one thing, A plane. he loved to fly, he didn't care that he had to crush another man for his passion.  He was just an obstacle for him to over come and get what he wanted. Much like everyone else really, but the main story was a little personal between Tyler and Brandon.

So I focused on just that, the fact that someone else wanted to take everything from you, make you a "non-factor" (to quote the story. ) in my own story, I wanted to show that everything Simon (Smitty) had, everything he had won, meant more to him then the other man he was coming up against. And soon that man would be another "thing" for him to call his own.

it was really to the point that Simon took it personal, he hated the fact that the other guy didn't care about what he wanted, he just wanted to win and take it all from him. I even tried to reflect his greediness in his last name, "Moore" And once Simon win's, he would hold all of those prizes over the losers head. Showing him everything that could have been his if he was a better man. like the story suggests, the best part of winning for Simon was rubbing it in and making them clean the house they would have won, have rough sex with him in the bed room they would have relaxed in, and also play with everything that loser used to own him self. making them watch with regret for ever stepping in the ring and thinking they were better then him.

I tried to show that Simon was afraid to lose, that the fear of becoming a no-body was always looming over his head and the only way he could enjoy his victory was reminding the losers of what they lost to him. He mentions in the story using that fear to put him self in the moment, foolishly thinking that it gave him some sort of edge with putting so much stock in what he stood to lose.

My original idea was just to show Simon after he lost and have the winner gloat over him, put him through his paces as hes subjected to endless humiliation after endless humiliation. Always reminded of what could have been and that he bit off more then he could chew. But it was a bit too.. bland. it would have worked, it would have pushed some people's buttons. But it had nothing really unique about it. He was just another loser in the all or nothing series.

So, enter dreamy twist! Why not have Simon lose him self in a ditzy moment, some how believing for a moment that he had won and that all was still right in his world. Before I even started to write up the story, that idea shook me to my core. I knew the twist would hit hard and even make the whole cap stand out even more. One moment Simon is gloating over the loser, and the next he sinks like a stone when he finally get's his comeuppance.

Woo! I've really talked a whole hell of a lot huh? oh well, I had a lot going into this story really. It was something that I had wanted to do for a very long time and even had a dream about making this story the same week I started it. I couldn't shake the idea out of my head and it feels good to finally make something that hopefully holds a candle to the original story and Smitty's story set in the same world of Mason and Mason.


smitty said...

Great, great, great cap! It works so well with the squirm inducing humiliation that it would have been great as a straight forward homage to Trisha's story, but the twist takes it to the next level. Rereading it makes it even more uncomfortably hot!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jennifer! This was very sexy. I guess I don't have to say that this sort of cap is right up my alley, do I? Great work. You're right. It would have been a good cap anyway with just the straight, expected transformation (you've certainly got enough talent to spice up any "bland" cap). But the twist really makes it stand out. I didn't see it coming, but it thrilled me when it did.

I love the collage of different voices talking, almost at once sometimes, and then the way they suddenly switch. You really bring out the competitor in Simon (and then the loser, too). One of the things I like about this universe, I think, is that you can get such sharp contrasts between the victor and the defeated.

The tattoo was great and you used it for a wonderful effect: the trigger for Simon to find out the truth. It emphasizes the humiliation, possession, and permanence that is all so very...perfect.

Love it! Thanks so much for alerting of this, too. I love your site (even though I know I should comment more).

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