Wednesday, May 16, 2012

learn to wait

So I went back to comic life for now, Can't really stand how slow the thing get's. I'll probably try it out again later after they have some time to fix the bugs.

Today's cap is a four part sci-fi TG erotica! It's also the return of my living Doll universe. (links past the break.) You don't have to read them to fully get this one, But it would bring more enjoyment out of the concept I think.

Just to bring some people up to speed though, It's take's place in a future where people's memory's and personality's can be downloaded to something like a hard drive. Which then the copy's of the digital you, are sold off to other company's to act as a highly advanced computer A.I. for various androids.


This Caption might be a little confusing to follow, since some of the story is told through the text at the top of the screen. Pay attention to the changing model number, the various programs, the changing color of her Master's voice and the changing looks of the Cindy model.

and here's a question from one of my reader's. 


 I'm sure it's something.. right? I don't know what happened here, but if who ever sent this would like to follow up on it, please, go ahead. ^_^

And the links I promised. 


venatus said...

once again, thank you so much for this I had no idea and it was absolutely perfect.

Caitlyn Masked said...

Very hot cap Jennifer! That slow change in Sean is just great and I would have never thought to put those images together in a cap, but they work great! Bravo!

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