Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Old toys

How about a little sci-fi? I don't think I've done to many of those in the past, though I do enjoy the genre, and have enjoyed many captions with that setting. Even though this one might not be a big button pusher for some, I think the idea behind it has a lot of potential and have already expanded on the idea in 2 other loosely related captions. 


venatus said...

wow, stuck in storage for who knows how long that is pretty bad, please think of the bored sex toys.

smitty said...

This still works as a button pusher to me because it hits on such an emotional level you can't help but imagine all sorts of stories based on the other toys.

Caitlyn Masked said...

OH yes... button pushed!

I agree with smitty, that this hits that emotional button. Sure there is the squirm factor of living out life as a sex doll, but that pales in comparison to living out eternity with the DESIRE to be touched, yet living as a discarded toy.

Dee Mentia said...

Well, at least these dolls won't be put on a shelf or donated to goodwill like those in the Toy Story series!

And, you almost got my idea of "heaven" in this caption. I would love to think that when I die, my soul would be able to freely inhabit cyberspace, so that I'd still be able to converse with my friends and have infinite places to visit and learn.

Jennifer said...

@ Venatus

sadly, her owner has probably already moved on to various other tech toys once he got bored with this one. :(

@ Smitty

Honestly, that's how I saw it too. But i wasn't sure if something like this would go over well in the eroticism department. I felt the need to point it out, just in case they were disappointed with what they read, Since this was an introduction to a larger world.

@ Caitlyn

Thank you so much for mentioning that! I only briefly touched on her desires/programing to be used like a toy, and wasn't sure how clear it came through.

@ Dee

that's a lovely idea of heaven actually. A swirling consciousness with limitless possibility's and always in touch with friends and loved one's.

I've always enjoyed the idea of being able to download the human consciousness, though I think the reality of something like that might be too hard to accept in your new body. knowing your just bits of information? yikes.

Dee Mentia said...

I do think though that we will be able to "Download" human consciousness, because we are all just bits of information. Technically everything we do is a chain of simple electronic circuits, a binary process, off or on, and a true and false statement.

All those are defined by either a Zero or a One, and every decision is the same thing. Even existence can be defined as "I am" or "I am not" which is a binary statement.

A person could be defined by all the things they are (1), and all the things they are not (0). So as a (very) simple equation, you could define eye color for each eye as "blue/green/brown/white" so that every with a brown eye would be 0010 in their definition.

I think that the actual consciousness would be much harder to duplicate than the physical body, but technology advances so much so quickly, I wouldn't bet against it.

Jennifer said...

@ Dee

I won't admit to knowing how it will really work or not work, but I do agree. I think it is possible, and from what I've read, it would be taking the person and trying to stimulate various responses to copy their reactions and feelings to certain subjects and events. But that's just one theory.

If it were to happen in my lifetime, I would give it some consideration I think. It's tempting.. But then, as I said, it's also a scary thought. But you can be damn sure, I would have more then one back up file!

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