Friday, October 7, 2011

Breaking'em in

Hello everyone! I know I say this a lot, but I'm sorry for the lull in posting. But, (and I say this a lot too) But I did manage to get.. I think it was 6 captions made up recently. This is one of them and I'm pretty pleased with it.

I was inspired to do something with a slave ranch after smitty made Martha something along the same lines. I wish I could find the post because I would link right too the caption itself, but I can't recall the name.

Anyway, I think this is, in my opinion, one of my better button pusher caps in a while. If for nothing else the southern/farm hand dialog added another layer to the humiliating squirm factor. Maybe it's because I am southern and have a thing for a sexy southern belle accent and this was kind of blunt in it's execution. Hope you enjoy!

Oh, and I have a very fun/interesting question from form spring that I think you might get a kick out of as well.

But the biggest news item of the day? I have 304 followers! WOO! Before i knew it, i not only had 300, i have 304! Wow! I'm just blown away and I can not thank you all enough! It mean's so much that you enjoy my work and my blog enough to follow it regularly. THANK YOU!

"favorite clothes? all parts?"

Wow,thank you to who ever sent this in! Not only is it a fun and personal question, but it let's me do a little window shopping and play out some fun fantasys. But since there are just so many answers to this question, I'm going to break it up into category's based on mood's and occasions.First up!

Sleep wear:

Oook.. Already got started and my mind is buzzing over all the choice's. SO, I'll pick one casual and one for.. well, being Jennifer. ;)

Ok, for the casual side of things I think I would have to go for something like this.

You will notice it bear's some resemblance to my blog with the swirling flower's and color choice. I love eye popping colors and designs, and since this is casual it plays right into what I would love to wear. I will admit, I tried to find something a little longer and covered the shoulder's better, but if I get cold that's what snuggling is for, right?

Next, something sexy to get into the mood...In other words, if i come to bed dressed in this, It would probably be on the floor the next morning instead of doing any sleeping in it.
I looked and looked, I could have put a ton of stuff in this section. from Cami's, Teddy's, to baby dolls. But I went with this baby doll for the feelings I think it would invoke. It's just barely there, thin as paper and see through lace. I think I would feel very exposed, very vulnerable, and very alluring. Something I just love! only thing is, I'm afraid I would only get one use out of it before it's torn right off my tiny frame. But that's not a bad thing..

How about bra and panties now? First let's start with something casual.
 Just imagine that the bra and pantie's match, ok? Some might see this and think it's not really sexy, but not me. Besides, I wasn't going for that, I was going for comfort. No underwire, gelled cushioned straps, and it lifts and separates! *giggle* The pantie's are called hiphuggers, and I think they look sexy with still offering comfort and plenty of coverage.

Now let's move on to something flirty, huh?

 Again, picture they are matching colors and designs. I picked the bra for a couple of reasons. Sometimes less is more, and this one isn't trying very hard to be sexy. And truth is, it dosen't have to. I like how the bra meet's right in the middle and crisscrosses. And the last reason? Well, you know I'm pretty kinky, and I love the idea of a guy pumping in and out between my cleavage while wearing this. (seen it is a video, couldn't it get it out my head.) and the panties? It's not a thong, it's a V-string. (or I guess a G-string.) Same thing as a thong, but even less coverage.

How about something casual to wear out and about on the town?

This is probably the hardest category to chose from. Anyone that's stepped into the women's section of any department store knows there's 100's of casual clothes to pick from. But I picked this because it just looks comfortable and kind of spunky. And you know how much I love spunk. ;)

Now something sexy. That's what your still reading this for, isn't it?

I couldn't decided, so sue me! (No don't!) I picked the first one because, well. if you saw me in that dress, could you get me out of your head? And I picked the second one because it looks like I'm a high class call girl. Bit of a fantasy of mine...

How about shoes? Every girl has a favorite pair of shoes right?

 I don't know why, but I couldn't get these two pictures to line up right.. Really bugs me! But, The red one is for something more sophisticated. Plus, I don't mind wearing heels and could potentially consider it my casual choice. I've wore heel's, so I know what I'm in for and this was for my favorites. So, this would probably be something I wear on special occasions. The second one is for when I feel like getting fucked with my shoes on and holding on the heels. Fuck me heels I believe they are called. :D I also like the idea of my feet slipping out the skimpy front while being ravaged, giving me a used/dis-shelved look.

OK, how about one more? stockings!

The first one is a french cut pair of pantyhose, something sexy but wouldn't bug me with having to straighten them up or pull them back up. The second pair for the sexy category should be paired with garter belts. But I'll take it with or with out. I love the little bows on the heels there, like I'm gift wrapped just for you. And don't forget to punish me if the seems aren't lined up just right! :)

I could go on and on..blouses, boots, knee high socks, body stockings, corsets, an actual garter belt, it's endless. But I think this is a good place to stop. if the person who sent this question would like to me continue, please just say so. ^_^


Caitlyn Masked said...

Excelent caption Jennifer. The accent works well, and I like the idea of spilling the beans without even realizing it. Especially if that means I've doomed people to the same fate. Very nice!

As to the clothes, I can see why you broke it down like that. I don't know if I could go in depth as you did here, as I often pick styles that I like when I see them. So if I were a woman or trying to be a woman, I honestly couldn't say what clothes I would be wearing.

But then again, if I saw you in your casual OR sexy clothes, I think I'd have to just ravage you!

smitty said...

As I said on the Haven, this decadently dark. You really nailed the tension and despair in this one and the accent really helped convey the sense of being in an alien environment. I'm so glad my cap inspired this in some small part. The original can be found here by the way.

venatus said...

lovely cap, and the line you end it on, is just perfect.

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