Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Geeky kinks

Last night I received various questions in the formspring gadget off to the right of my blog here, from a very friendly reader. And while I wish I could post a caption pertaining to the questions/requests, but I'll keep them in mind and see what I can come up with. In the mean time, I can answer the questions and still provide something I hope you will all enjoy. ^_^

could you show a feminized --guy-wedding cuy wedd tg caps?/totally awesome girl.dd


I've done a wedded caption once before and it was well received I think. So If my reader's would like to see that sort of thing, I can see what I can do in the future.

jenn-sure looks like fun,you blow girl. dd

You know how much I love to blow people off. ;) In fact, when picking out some little Halloween treats this year, (couple of fun size bag's of this or that) I just had to grab a bag of blow pops for the obvious reasons. :D

do sorrority girls feminize a guy that wishes to be a girl? dd

Sure! In captions it happens all the time! *giggle* I think i've only touched on that sort of thing 2 or 3 times.. but I would have to look back through my archive and see if I can find it. I should probably revisit that sort of thing, cause I love that setting. Now, in real life.. one can dream right? Probably a couple of sorority girls out there have some sort of thing for femmy guys and willing to unlock their inner pledge.

jenn shes smiling-i know i would dd

Anything in my captions would probably bring a big smile to my face if I could safely role-play the scene some how. If it really were to take place.. I think I would be too scared to see the enjoyment in some of these situations. But reading them and fantasizing about it? Huge grin on my face!

jenn luv take your picture you preety sissy. hypno divine-what do women think when a guy loves women enough to femulate her sexual activities with men, girls should love it.she has a blow job back up when shes sick,& tired --or wants her new girl with

*blushes* You want to see me? I'm so very flattered, but if I could find the time to dress up and take a good picture, I think I would be too self conscious to post something on the web. But most girls are right? I do like the mystery though, this blog and my captions let me express a side of my self that I can't in real life. So, you can piece together a sort of mental image of what you want Jennifer (Me) to look like. That is, if you fantasy's include me at all. who wouldn't want a ultra submissive, rough sex loving blowjob princess at their beck and call? or maybe I'm the one in charge? heheh..

And I think a lot of girls would like to share some feminine things with their guy, it might something simple like a chick flick, or maybe painting his nails? Or even further like in these captions. I know a few people who have gotten very lucky and landed a woman that embraces not only their male side, but encourages their femme side. I hope to be so lucky some day. ^_^


Anonymous said...

Mmm, love it! :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks StometimesSpanked! ^_^ You sure you don't want to bump that some times to most of the time? ;)

Mistress Simone said...

definitely love this caption. really enjoy the picture and would adore being this hot minx. The role play would be nice but I would want to find some sexy clothes to put on that devious body.

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