Saturday, October 1, 2011

Talk nerdy to me

WOO! October first! YAY! Today is the beginning of my 31 day Halloween extravaganza. (or as close as an extravaganza as I can get on my budget. Which is anything free.) Trying to watch a horror movie or horror themed show once a day again, though I will not be attempting to make one Halloween themed caption a day like I tried last year.

Mostly because I don't think I could keep up. But I also don't want to run something into the ground and a Halloween themed cap can limit what story's I can tell and pictures I use.

If anyone out there has any links to horror themed anything online, or recommendations for netflixs streaming service. (I also have a free trail of amazon prime) Please leave it in the comments section. For today, I'm watching chain letter. Pretty sure it's one of those torture porn horror movies, but I enjoy all kinds of scary films, so please don't be shy and leave something if you think I'll like it. ^_^

Today's caption was made for the wonderfully sweet Alectra From alectra's playgrounds. Check out her site, she just celebrated her 100th post with lots to check out on her special blowout post. ^_^

Did this one for a contest she was running recently. In alectra's prefs she lists  4 different persona's, pablo, alectra, raffside and Shiori. Each one with their own unique personality's and story's to tell. The contest was to create a 5th persona for her, and to tell exactly what it was that triggered the change in her personality.

It's been a while since I made this, something like 2, 3 months. Yeah, I know. not that long ago.. But I have a terrible memory. Anyway, I know I had discussed this with a couple of my friends, trying to come up with some angle for the story. I believe It was Cindy that suggested using some means of technology to bring about the change. Which fit perfectly with my idea for a sexy geek girl persona, Kari.

I remember I had a ton of fun coming up with all of the geeky references, something I don't do too often. Alectra really enjoyed it and that was a big relief, since I kind of struggled a couple of days to get this one started.

Edit: I'm about halve way through chain letter. Story is.. ridiculous and not the least bit scary. But it has lots of gore, which is kind of nice to see again after all of the pg 13 horror fests.Nothing really noteworthy so far.


Alectra said...

So you found interesting messing up with my head uh? Do you really think is already so easy to bear with the blondie, the weak and the japanese? Tsk, well Ok I won't say anything bad, no, the more fun for me to bring down another pussy to my control and... (Like that gonna happen!)...

Uhmmm Thanks Jennifer It was kind of dark in there and in the meta space it can be terrible for the skin. Not that I have a problem with that but, there wasn't any videogames just that bitch telling me to submit. To submit to what? I already have a google account. IF that isn't submitting I don't know what else "giggle"
And the impossibility of being trapped in the same host with a whole lot of other personas is killing me so I'll take a vacation or something see ya! ^-^

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

P.S: Thanks for creating such a fun persona Jennifer and I'll look out for that scary cap. It cannot be that scary "giggle"

Dee Mentia said...

I have enough issues keeping up with the 1st three personalities she has, never mind a fourth AND a fifth!

I'm not sure if you have ON-Demand, but the Something Weird channel has a few "classics" like 2000 Maniacs and Blood Feast available to watch. Also, if you have Netflix, The Human Centipede is available for streaming. It wasn't nearly as crappy as you'd think it'd be.

Jennifer said...

@ Alectra.

I don't think I mentioned a scary caption. Just talking about scary movies and the like.

But you are very welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was a fun contest and I was happy with the outcome. ^_^

@ Dee

On demand, I have something like that. but I believe it's a rental service. But I've been meaning to check out both of those movies. I was thinking of checking out the human centipede because of earlier connections to cronenberg's stuff.

But some reviews say it's gimmick is the only highlight. Though, I'll probably check it out and see for my self. I've already watched 4 horror movies and a few other things here and there.

And so far, it's been

Chain letter: IT sucked. That's all there really is to say.

Behind the mask: I think I got a lot more enjoyment out of this because I'm already a big fan of the genre. A weird sort of meta take on the slasher films that lead up to very fun ending.

They live:The social commentary was lost on me as a kid. Great movie and roddy did a great job here.

The thing: One of my top five favorite horror films. I'm a little worried about the new one out at the theaters...

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