Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sigh.. Are you done?

Hey everyone! I haven't forgotten you all, I've just been spending more of my free time making caps or taking care of this or that. But the good news in all of that, is the making caps part! like this one here!

I did this one for Steffie's birthday over at the haven. First thing you might notice, is the layout. I knew what the story was as soon as I saw it, it was a short but sweet tale of magical revenge. I also knew I wanted to make the image full size and some how work the text boxes in over it.

I think I did that part pretty well. But It needed something more, there wasn't anything that really jumped out at you, it felt like it needed something more to draw the eye. So I started messing with a mosaic background, something I would do in ms paint, little pieces of mosaic glass you can find at hobby stores and paint, and of course, messing around with Crayola's. I love this sort of stuff, this and Tye dye T-Shirts, clothes from the 80's, etc. heck, I'm wearing hand colored (fabric markers) sneakers right now!

So even though the layout doesn't effect the story in anyway, I think it pulls the caption together and gives it a little personality. you might have noticed that I also didn't make it about her birthday. I like to do that, I want to give a cap I would give someone any day of the year, unhindered by having to make it fit the birthday theme. Some times I will use that as a jumping off point, but only if it feels like it will be good for the story.


Caitlyn Masked said...

Thats a great cap Jennifer. It matches up well with the photo.. all the personalities come through! And I like your mosaic border. Its a very nice design effect!

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