Friday, September 9, 2011

Trapped at first sight

Been a while since my last post, would a New series help? sort of? Well, would knowing that I've been capping a little more lately help? it would? Whew! Thanks!

I made this one for the Lovely Mistress Simone A few months back she had Mentioned a fantasy of her's that was striking her fancy at the moment. Becoming a sexy "trap" and seducing men. Something I could sooo see her doing. She's seduced with just words on a screen, imagine if she was face to face with me!

If you all want to hear me talk about it a little more, or just want to see the story being discussed, place join me after the page break. (click the title of the post or the picture to the left. )

oh, and I have a question in formspring, but I'm not going to answer it just yet. I want to make something for the question, so please bare with me. ^_^

Naturally, The idea of making her a sexy seducing trap girl got under my skin and I had to do something for her fantasy. But.. like I said, that was a few months ago.

I wanted to caption her really bad! but the idea I had was sort of loose, I knew the setting, I knew the model, (Mellisa Clarke, Which was another button pusher for The wonderful Simone.) And I knew the basic premise for the caption; Seduce men with her feminine wiles.

The first Idea I had was placing Simone as the mysterious beauty in the upstairs apartment. Someone, (lets call him Jeremy) she would end up seeing on a regular basis living below her. This would go on and flirty passes in the hall would get Jeremy's blood boiling!

But, I wanted to add a little bit of spice to it, so My next thought was to have the whole story told between Jeremy, and his room mate who believes Simone was really a man dressing like a girl. This was a bit of a problem, because Melissa Clarke doesn't take any photos that would lead credence to his room mate's claims. The only 3 photo's i saw that could possible do this, were so hard to explain in the context of the story I abandoned the idea of the suspicious room mate.

Which is a real shame, because I had already set on that idea for about a month trying to make it fit with the pictures Melissa takes. I thought I could go back to just a one on one with Jeremy and Simone, But I didn't feel like I could keep the story of them passing in the halls going and still make it steamy enough.

In the end, the one thing I knew I wanted to keep was the apartment angle. quite a few of Clarke's photos look like they were taking in a hallway or in an apartment, so it just made sense and I also really liked the idea of living so close to a cutie like her with a little something extra down below.. 

I finally came back to the idea about a week ago, trying to flesh it out. I wanted to do something fitting for Simone's fantasy, something that felt like it could happen. (idealized a little perhaps..)
That's when I got the idea of Simone MOVING IN with Jeremy.

The sexual tension and awkwardness is already built in! I say awkwardness, because I think that's some of the appeal with androgyny and male or female individuals that make you second guess your own sexual orientation. (have you seen some of the passable cross dressers out there? wow! is super jealous!)

When I first writing up this story, it was coming out a LOT sweeter then the final piece. It was a very good story I think, but it was getting away from some of the seduction angle's, Jeremy was too submissive and Simone was to understanding of his confusion and pulled more punches.

Thankfully, I lost that entire first draft. Because the second draft was more on target for both of them! Jeremy was still submissive, but also more confused over his feelings for Simone. And Simone, well.. she could smell Jeremy's desire for her and knew it very well! Even when complying with Jeremy's request for putting on more clothes was becoming a game to her.

I would have made this whole thing a few more pages longer simply because I loved how Simone approached Jeremy's questioning feelings over her. She took her time, but kept pushing little by little, getting deep into his psyche till eventually, he couldn't even sleep any more.

I could have wrote up about teasing playfulness coming from  Simone for about 4 to 5 more pages, I loved making Jeremy squirm with her pet names and expert teasing. (No panties.. gah!)
but, I had to wrap it up because I didn't have a lot of pictures to keep a story going like this for very long.

That's where the night out at the bar and Simone getting drunk comes in. it was actually a scene that was thought up for the much sweeter version of the story. But I loved how sweet, cute, sexy, and romantic the setting was I just had to put it in!

Placing Simone as the drunk damsel in distress really hit hard with me, because it put her in a quasi submissive role by asking for Jeremy's help, all the while throwing him off guard with just being her self. albeit, a little more forward with cutting through the red tape.I think the drunk/hangover scenes were my favorite.

The layout for the cap it self looks OK to me. But looking back, I might have laid out all the text to the right side of the pictures, instead of trying to over lap the photos. I'm not exactly sure what else to say about today's caption, except that It feels soo good to have it finished and posted. And Mistress Simone loved it! That really puts a smile on my face. ^_^

I don't own any of the photos used for todays caps.


Tommi said...

oh this is wonderful!

Caitlyn Masked said...


That is such a Lovely cap! Both design wise and story wise. I feel like we got to watch Jeremy grow some confidence, and Simone... well be Simone! I love it!

Mistress Simone said...

I couldn't love this caption any more! It stars my favorite tomboyish little vixen and the writing is superb. I can't wait to tease the boys even while they know I've got something extra in my panties. . . . or am I even wearing any?

smitty said...

What a terrific cap. Normally these clean image caps don't do much for me, but the way you used them to tease, it made it even hotter. I don't know how you do it sometimes, you made a cap more sweltering than most of mine and no one even has sex in it. They don't even kiss. It's shows such a mastery of the internal to create erotic tension like that and tangle it up with the emotional arc seamlessly.

And a great handle on the Simone dominant sensuality. It's not often you read a story about a confident crossdresser seducing the submissive man. But maybe it should be.

LexiTG said...

Loved the entire series. Keeping Jeremy on edge, confused and conflicted. Brilliant captions!

Jennifer said...

Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments! Most of you already know how much I appreciate it, but it's something I really love seeing when ever I sign in. Thank you all! I'm so glad you enjoyed this one. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Love the tension and manipulation!

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