Thursday, September 22, 2011

Prom slut

The end of Chapter 2 Has gone over pretty well and I am ecstatic to see it come to an end and receive so many positive comments. I understand it's hard to post every day for every page, but thank you to everyone who left some kind words of encouragement.

It let me know that I didn't just write out the story I wanted to tell, but a story that entertained and kept people wondering how it would end. I wanted to make sure I accomplished a few things in chapter two,
1: Make it feel like it's a continueing story. No matter how long the wait between chapters were.
2: Some how keep a self aware caption set in a rather bland fantasy, interesting. And the comments left so far suggest I did that. ^_^ yay!
and 3:  as Smitty, Caitlyn and Cindy already pointed out. I wanted to play around with the expectations some. The simple fantasy in chapter 2 really could have gone anywhere, but chapter two was more about Jennifer's reactions and how she might handle her self in a "real fantasy"

Thank you to everyone that has read and commented to the story. I know it's a bit self indulgent, but I think the idea has a lot of possibility to any future story's I might tell and I've had a lot of fun with it so far. ^_^

Today's caption was made for the dirty slut know as Sasha whore. Whore may or may not be her last name.. But she will answer to it!


Caitlyn Masked said...

HA! Great fun cap, Jennifer. Although I do wonder if it would really take that much training to get Sasha into that 'porn slut' mode!

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