Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Well it looks like the first two have been positively received. let's see how I did with part 3. ^_^

And I have a few questions to answer, so join me for the caption and  a couple of answers.

more bodysuit caps in the works? please?!

Sorry it's taking so long to get to this questions! (2 weeks!) But as you know, i've had an accident at my house and I've been busy with some other projects. Another reason I waited on answering this question, is because i wanted to make a bodysuit cap for it. But Sadly, nothing has came to mind.

But I will make some more bodysuit TF's! So don't worry. ^_^ I know a few people out there enjoy it, and heck, if someone offered me a real working bodysuit, i wouldn't turn it down. so it's a fun fantasy to pay around with.

how can i be changed into a sissy female

I really don't know how you could really be change into a sissy female. but i've heard and have known at least one person that sort of has that happening to them. It's mostly role playing, but that's normally as close as you will get. I wish I had an answer for you and all my readers, but I'm afraid like my caps, it's mostly a fantasy.

Of course, You could try and roleplay online, join a site like D+X institute or locked in lace. Or join a site like the haven and roleplay there.  Maybe join up and trade some caps, or become more active on some TG Blogs. us Caption artists love to hear from our readers and often times will reward readers with a custom caption.

I've been known to do it, and so has smitty and alectra. Among many others as well. Infact, It's kind of how I started in capping. My very first caption I ever received my self, was because of comments I left for artists I enjoyed. Which lead me to repay their kindness with a tribute caption of my own, and it sort of snowballed from there.

do you sissifie men and help them be girls forever?

Only in captions I'm afraid. If i had the power to pull off some of the crazy things you see in TG captions and fiction, then I would be moving on from writing about fantasy's, and start making some come true. But, the best I can do is put you in a caption and make you a girl forever there. If you are interested in that, then just keep leaving me questions and comments, and maybe one day I'll post a caption made for you. ^_^


smitty said...

Ha, I've read plenty of non-consensual/reluctance caps, but it's usually the girl that needs the convincing. Nice added squirm by making her do the pursuing.

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