Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hello Everyone! I have a couple of questions to answer and another piece of the story ready and waiting.  Just join me after the page break. ^_^

I loved seeing the slow return of the original layout designs for this series slowly seep back into the story. Like before, I made sure to give visual clues to Jennifer's state of mind in the text boxes them self's.

how do i learn to act and talk like a female

Well, I've only practiced with that sort of thing a few times in private. so It's not like I can do it my self, but if I was to try and train my voice and body language like that again, I would search youtube for some instructional videos on controlling your voice and sounding feminine, and also how to walk and handle your self like a girl. You also can't forget body language, women and men have very different body language and it helps sell the illusion more then you might think. Something like a fail of the wrist, how you sit, or move your head and neck make a difference.

I'm also sure theres some helpful sites out there that might have some writing how to's that might help you as well. The wonderful Rebecca Molay has an extensive link section that might prove useful as well. And she has some very fun captions as well. ^_^

Which would make you happier to create? A cap that you don't think is very good, but is VERY well received, or a cap that you think is great, but receives no comments whatsoever?

Very fun question! I think I would have to go for option B. Because of some of the captions i've been most proud of,. have been a little bare on comments, or didn't land a ton of hits. usually, if I'm proud of something I did, well received or not, it's because of what I learned from that caption is self. It might have been a fun concept, something out of my comfort zone, or I just really enjoyed the look for it and some layout trick I used. 

Everything that I did in that one, I  could potently put to use for a future caption that is a big hit in comments and views. Of course, I won't say I don't enjoy seeing a caption light up with hits left and right. Even If I don't really think much about a certain caption, I still can find something I liked in it and am always very excited and pleased to see any comments or page hits.