Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Drop your bra

Hey hey! Been a bit busy over here lately, as I'm sure you all know from my Last post. Well, today we had the insurance adjuster out and so far so good. (I think...) Still need to get a contractor out here and get his estimate on how much it will cost to repair the place.

But, I also found out that the guy who was driving the car, was not the guy who owned it! ugh.. So now the insurance company that does cover the car for the owner, is saying they are having problems in their end and don't know if the guy that was driving, was covered at all. Hoping to get some more information tomorrow and talking to a lawyer about it soon.

Anyway, enough about that! I got a new caption up and ready for everyone's enjoyment. ^_^ It's a simple cap, but I had an idea and tried to make it work. hope you like it!

oh, and I also have a question to answer. yay!

why do I love this stuff so much.. I mean.. I'm a successful guy.. happily married.. yet.. this fetish..

I'm not sure why this or that person enjoys this sort of thing. Various people I've met over the years have had different reasons for enjoying this fetish. Some like me, enjoy dressing up and really want to meet a Mistress to call my own. Others have just enjoyed telling story's involving this kink and that's as far as it goes.

But, From your question I think I can guess that you enjoy this as a sexual kink. (same here) Lots of my readers enjoy it just for that reason and I love to provide you with that escape with with your taboo of choice that is far from reality. But it is fun to escape to and just enjoy a naughty story or two. I know that many of my friends wish they could be open about this fetish, to share this side of them self's with a special someone or just not have to deal with hiding it and feeling guilty over it.. For a lot of people, it feels like denying someone you love another side of your self. Including me really..

I would hate to date a girl, really hit it off and then not tell her about this other side of my self. I know not everyone gets it, or they might just find it unappealing over all and just leave you to your own little world while still staying with you. But I would, and I'm sure most of my readers, like to find someone who not only enjoys it, but also wants to help you explore it. Even if that's just reading a few captions to get in the mood.

I don't really have a definite answer, but I can say I really appreciate the question and I hope you continue enjoying your fetish and remain successful and happily married  for many many years to come.  Many people will purge this side of them self's hundreds of times and never fully come to accept that this is just how your hard wired. Some people enjoy furry pics, others like hentai, and various other fetishes that are either taboo, or kinda tame. . I happen to enjoy Forced tales of men becoming uncontrollable sluts that are endlessly humiliated! *shrugs* would need a therapist to explain that one fully to me, and even then they might still be off as to why I enjoy all the things I do.

Oh, and I do enjoy hentai as well. I need to do more hentai TG caps..


venatus said...

nice cap, and good job handling the question, personally I get a little annoyed when people think there is one and only one reason why anyone could be into something.

JNGames said...

I love that cap! The picture matches it well and I love the predicament they're in of having to make the moment last while giving good head. Their hand positions are great too, fondling each other as they go, goading each other on.
I totally relate to what you wrote too on the side of wanting to be open. I told my ex and though we since broke up for other reasons, getting to share this with someone has made our relationship stronger than it ever could have otherwise been.
Jessica x

Anonymous said...

That's really hawt--wish I could be there to see that!

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