Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Accepting it-Guest Cap

Hey Everyone! Got a special caption for everyone today from KimmyinRI and a couple of questions to answer as well.

first, let me apologize for not answering these questions sooner,  I don't check the form spring site everyday, Instead what I would do is check my E-mail to see if my formspring account has updated and then head on over. But I completely forgot when I changed my email, that my formspring account was still tied to my old yahoo account. Yikes! I got it fixed now, so please keep sending in your questions!

Today's caption is the first caption posted from a new Artist KimmyinRI. This is a special caption for me, not only because I think it's a very well done caption for her first out of the gate, but also because She chose to gift this to me and cited me as the inspiration to start. Here's her own words lifted directed from my trade folder at the Haven.

My 1st Cap.

-Kimmy in RI
I just love your caps, and you inspired me to try making one of my own.

Feel free to post this anywhere you like.

Just give a nod to Kimmy in RI, and keep posting new caps for us all to enjoy.

I've received some caps int he past from new artists and it's always a kick to me to see that I'm the first choice, or at the very least my prefs matched their own enough that let them make something to get into it. But I think this is the first time I've been told that I've inspired someone to make a caption. Bren from over at the haven mentioned that my work played a role in her starting her own, but it wasn't until she was well over a 1000 caps made that I found that out.

It's always a kick to me to hear that sort of stuff, not only because I'm very flattered and honored, but it's also how I started capping my self. Feel's a little like I've come full circle and I am very esstatic right now! I'd like to discuss what I really liked about this caption, last night when I read it for the first time I was just blown away that Kimmy had made me this, but now I've had some time to let it set in.

First thing I noticed, was how it felt like we had walked in on either the end of one story, or the beginning of another. Like a moment stolen right out of a larger series and leaves you asking many questions. At first, I thought the man had forced her into this position, and he very well could have. The moment her lips touched his cock and took him deep into her throat, she was his. It could have been some final act that filled her with new deisires, so she could have been fighting against it this whole time and this was the final submission.

But! Then the unnamed man calls her his "Secret little cock sucking slut". That changes thing's, the way the man is talking to her it's a bit demeaning, forceful, but by the end of the cap it seems like there was no foul play at all. She's still very much her own person, he's just giving her what she and most likely, him, need. The caption could go either way, a forced tale or willing, but I think for sure deep down, that girl wanted it. Because there's no reason for him to keep it secret if the feelings she is expressing for him are brought on by a drug or magic.

Unless! she's his shameful secret and he's using her to fulfill his own dirty fantasy! That's what I loved about this story, that almost anything could have happened before and after it and all of it is true. it just depends on what you see in the story and what you like most.

I hope you keep Writing more captions Kimmy! And you can request anything you like from me, I will do my best to get back to you with your very own caption!

And now my questions! yay!

nice hippie chick pic on the 3rd..maybe you could do a hippie-themed caption..a guy making jokes about his hippie neighbor's bare feet, forced to become a barefoot hippie chick?

 Thanks! ^_^ I do enjoy the hippie chick look and have been capped as one a couple of time's. I've wanted to make my own for a while, including one where pot or some sort of drug was the cause of the TF. But revenge is always a fun motive for the change. I guess the free love that I could include in the cap would be a fitting punishment for the prude neighbor. I'll see if I can come up with anything for a hippie TF! Thanks for the question!

Hi how much dos t cost o become a member please as i love your site xxxx

*blush* Wow, you would pay to join my site? *gush* Thank you very much for the kind words, but my site is 100% free and I wouldn't charge anyone for enjoying my captions. If I could figure out how to make a living off of this, I would. (writing for some sort of TG publication out there, etc) but I wouldn't charge anyone for the caps featured on this blog.  You can become a member though!  All you have to do is click the follow button to the right. ^_^ which is currently at 291 members!!  WOO!!