Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Once a sissy always a sissy.

Thought I would dress up, (dress down?) for today's cap.
Hey! I'm still making some new stuff here and there, for the first time in a while I've been working on some cap in some way or another every day as of late..

Don't worry about not seeing the caption in today's post, you just have to click the link to see it. I get more accurate stats when I put it in the post vs just putting it up on the main page. which is why I'm dressed like a hippie chick today, thought I would give you all something nice to look at. :D

 When i first saw this picture, I had a glimmer of an idea of what I wanted to do with it. I pictured it was some sort of drug overdose and she couldn't help but just OD on all those pills.  Problem was.. it wasn't pills, it was candy! I spent some time looking for a pic similar to it, but with pills instead.. But nothing came close to what I was getting from this picture, it was just to perfect for the story I wanted to tell.

So, instead of worrying about semantics, I instead just jumped right in and see where I could take the idea. While I was messing with the layout, I working on the story in my head. Trying to figure out who the girl was before, why she was covered in bits of candy and why she seemed to obsessed with them. Well, I had been wanting to try out Smitty's xxtacy Series with my own spin on the story's, so why not lace the candy's with that stuff?

I'll admit, I was a little nervous about taking his xxtacy series and telling my own series. I thought I could do it, but I had a lot to live up to after I had tackled his Suckubus series.  I'm not trying to compare today's cap to that one, they are both entirely different except for the fact that they are both captions based on Smitty's work. But, I did want to make him happy and excited to see someone else take his stuff and do something great with it!

i thought the candy laced with xxtacy might be too odd ball for it.. But the more I played with the layout and the more unsettling it it started to look. (but at the same time, inviting) I thought the candy's would be a truly evil way to turn someone into a sissy and get them hooked! Of course, it couldn't just be a nasty trick.. turning his sweet tooth against him wasn't really mean enough for me.. And it wasn't big enough for my first stab at the xxtacy series, a series that I think handles the drug change method a 1000 times better then my own lust series has. (I have a plan to fix that.. )

It was around this time that I had finished the layout and felt like I could start the story and worry about why it was done to him as I wrote it out. I know I wanted to make the sissy a real 'victim' of someones jealousy, so.. why not a reformed sissy drug addict that's now dating your ex? That would make a naturally jealous guy, go to some sick extreme methods to get revenge! Not only is he turning another guy into a sissy drug addict, but he's getting a former sissy drug addict back on his habit!

The villain of the piece went to unreasonable means to get back at his ex, he took the fact she was dating a former xxtacy user as a personal insult to his own male pride and his revenge was fueled by nothing but blind hate and disdain for him. Suddenly that cute colorful cap was way darker then it appears. Just like the xxtacy laced skittles all over the floor..  He might as well as slipped poison into the bag, because his life is in a downward spiral and there's no coming back.

it's at this time that i feel like I've either gone on to long, or not long enough.. One reason my posts look a little jumbled as I try to describe the in's and outs of why I did this or how I came up with that, is because, sometimes it just feels like I'm on autopilot and I really don't have to think it out. It just comes to me naturally as I work on it. I try to piece together the events, but really I'm kinda guessing at some of the events.

I think I came up with the xxtacy element of the story as soon as i saw the pic, but I also had the problem of dealing with the fact it's skittles! (which by the way, I really love the "Taste the rainbow bitch" line) So, on one hand, I have most of what i need to tell the story and on the other hand, everything just sort of falls into place or feels like a natural progression of the events. So as I see it, it went a little something like this:

Finds picture
XXtacy overdose story!
Candy? what the hell am I going to do with candy?
nope, no pill popper pics..
Lace the candy with xxtacy!
Layout, layout, layout!
Cool layout!
Start details of story. Bastard jealous guy is real bastard..
ahh! drug over dose of a former addict! sick and twisted!
Finish cap!
figure out a way to explain this thought process to everyone else and still feel like I missed my mark..
Still happy with caption! :D


Alectra said...

Nice approach of losing the battle of wills in there ^-^

Just how much candy that girl can take in her mouth? "giggle"

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

P.S: When I saw your hippie chick state, I just thought about... Hey Chill out yoh! I'm quite pleased with the stuf I smoke everyday heh heh heh and peace and stuff yeah! heh heh heh

smitty said...

It definitely comes across very clear. It's not unheard of to lace candy with drugs, so it fits with the revenge scenario. I love that you don't give away the "xxtacy only works on sissies" gimmick, as it lets readers of the previous series enjoy it even more, but lets casual readers enjoy the relapse elements without getting bogged down with backstory. This really is a perfect single cap. Terrific balance, layout, story, and gut punch feeling all in a sweet bite sized portion.

venatus said...

very nice layout, and a nice drug theme going on, and the no one breaks the habit twice does provide a lot of interesting thoughts.

Caitlyn Masked said...

I like that this fits in with the XXtacy theme, without having to retell the details. And I gotta say I love the layout... I love the torn up image a lot.

As for talking about your process, I think you did a good job. I like reading how someone goes from 'What? I wanted pills not candy!' to 'Oh yea, candy will be so freaking sweet!', but I also know some details are lost as soon as they happen. They are that mental hip-check and only God knows where that comes from.

Good Cap, good write up!

Anonymous said...

Great cap, from the layout to the dialogue. I'm repeating what others have already said, but it's worth saying again anyway: the broken up layout is wonderful. It's just confusing enough of an image without losing its form, and so it remains sexy. The idea of revenge on a recovering sissy is simply awesome and it's cinched up nicely with the final lines. Well written and well produced.

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