Thursday, August 25, 2011

common courtesy

After a few of my friends recent run ins with "stolen" work, I felt it was wise for me to make a post about it here on my blog to make my views and intentions known for all my readers.

First of all, to those that own the pictures that are featured in my captions. I do not want to be seen as a thief in anyway and if you see your work here please let me know and I will give you proper credit as the model/photographer. Or, if that is not to your liking, I will remove the work altogether.  I do not make any money off of your photo's what so ever and when you see them in one of my captions it is meant as a huge compliment from me to you. I saw your work and it inspired me to write out a funny, erotic, or sweet story that many people out there enjoy. Often times I will be asked who is so and so in the caption and when I DO know the answer, I ALWAYS give credit.

And now to those that might have taking my captions and posted them elsewhere, (that is my own story's set to pictures I freely admit that I do not own.)  I do not mind in the slightest if you share my work with others. But what I don't care for is when there is no credit giving to the author (ME) or when you claim the work as your own! Please, if you see my captions posted elsewhere and there is no credit giving, let me know about it and I will make sure that the matter is handled and in a civil manner.

Again, I make no money off of this hobby of mine what so ever and I mean no disrespect to the models or photographers out there. And for those that enjoy my work and wish to post it elsewhere, please just give a link to my blog and give me proper credit for the layout and the story featured in the caption. I make no claim to the photo used, but the story and the layout of the caption is all mine.


A Nony Moose said...

I unfortunately know the feeling of having someone else claim authorship of my captions. I don't mind them being shared, but someone claiming they created it is another matter.

Candy said...


I've have people do that with artwork I've commissioned and cappys before calling them out on it.

People are assholes though but no matter if you spent $$$$$$ or not, its still foul & a hit below the belt to claim your the creator or originator of a creation regardless of what it is..

I have no problems with my stuffed being shared and encourage it, but if thats done I would expect someone to post my name and a link attached since thats justified.

Welcome to the internet & Anons. ~

Dee Mentia said...

Thanks Jenn, as I figured you would be posting before I did. I have referenced this as well, though you probably did it a bit more in detail than I have.

Jennifer said...

@ a nonny moose

You were one of the friends I was referring to. After hearing your horror story, and another friends horror story with his own pictures he took him self! I went into action to take care of caitlyns and told anyone I could about it and report it. It seemed to have worked!

@ Candy

yeah, thankfully my own experiences with the problem have gone over really well and the person was happy to credit me for the story. But this post is to help cover my self from any future problems like this.

I tried to follow your blog Candy, but I can not see the follow button or the list of followers you have. only the words "Followers"

@ Dee

i saw your post and looks like it got the point across very well. I probably repeated my self one to many times in this post. heh. but might as well beat them over the head with the point then have them miss it, huh?

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