Friday, May 11, 2012

As I saw it

Hello everyone! hope you have had a good week, I know things have been a little bit easier on me. I'm even getting to mess around with the demo for comic life 2! It's a bit tricky, but the most annoying thing is how many time's it crashes on me. But I think I could make some pretty nifty looking caps with it if I just keep at it.

Today's caption is an older one, but it fits perfectly with one of the questions someone asked me on form spring. First things first though, I have another technical question to answer.

Are the complaints about the image not opening due to the fact that the reader is trying to open the html image rather than the jpeg that it goes to? And, have you thought of using the 'Jump Break'/'Read More' tool so that visitors realize there's more?

I have used the jump break tool, but I have never used the read more tool. Mostly because, I haven't figured out how to put that into the body of the post with out creating the link for it my self. But I almost always tell people there's more to read if they just click the image and scroll down, or click the title of the post and scroll down. I think, and hope, it's just people not realizing there's more to the post, but I try to make a point to tell people when ever possible. So, Maybe it's another issue all together.

Please read on for another question answered and for today's caption!

I chose today's caption because of a question I received at my form spring account. I have to say, it caught me by surprise, But happy to answer it.

As much as I enjoy these don't you think the caps depicting people suffering as women depict the negative nature of the female existence? Again I really like these, just thought I'd share a passing thought :)

I'm glad that you enjoy the caps, And I do see where your coming from. I've thought about it my self from time to time, but I always fall back to the reason I make them in the first place. They are just fantasy's, usually stemming from my own. I don't honestly believe that being a woman would be a bad thing in it self, It's always the situation that makes seem negative to be a woman.

I've made a few captions where it was perfectly fine to be a woman and sometimes even voluntary. But It's not really my wheel house, I make forced fem caps because it's one fantasy I wouldn't really pursue in  my day to day life. Like some women have rape fantasy's, but never actually want to be raped. They might roleplay the scene with their partner, but they aren't going out looking for trouble. that's what I do here with these caps, and online roleplaying. It's just an outlet to express that side of my self, which, admittedly, is not for everyone and not everyone will get it or agree with it.

I used to cross dress, (when I had more privacy) But that has fallen to the way side a bit in recent year's. But when I did, I did it for more reasons then just acting out my sexual fantasy's. It helped put me at ease, I felt more outgoing, (when I was chatting online, I never went out like that.. ) and I just felt happier over all. There was erotica reasons for it, but I can't pass very well, So it was mostly just getting in touch with my feminine side. I think that can be a very empowering thing and also reveal sides to your self that you never knew existed.

My own personal expreince with trying to be a woman, and wishing I was, have been for far vastly differences then what I portray in the captions at the site. I just prefer to write about forced fem more often, then I do about the positive aspects of being a woman. (and there are many.) It's sort of like when I would write short comic books with my brother, I wrote more horror story's then I did tale's of super hero's. I just worked better in that genre then I did anything else.

Another reason I started to write out forced femme caps, is that when I was first discovering TG caps on the internet and TG fiction, Most of them were willing or happy ending caps, where the guy, who against his will, was changed into a woman and suddenly does a 180 and loves what's happened. Most of them just left me scratching my head and wondering how the guy went from kicking and screaming, to moaning and begging for more. I've done a few like that, but I like to think I gave them plausible reasons for that turn around. Most of the caps I used to read like that, just made them happy with the change because the writer wanted to make the story "ok" for them to read and enjoy.

I love a realistic spin on a unrealistic situation, which is why most of these men in my caps, who never thought about being a woman or thought about taking their fantasy THAT far, Still wind up struggling with it and fighting against it. I don't think anyone would just instantly find them self's completely at home in a situation like that. There would be a period of adjustment, maybe small, maybe huge! But combine that with the antagonists in my story's and the type of things they do to them, and they would probably be more suited for the looney bin, then as a model once it's all said and done.


Caitlyn Masked said...

You picked a good cap for this discussion Jennifer. TG caps can and often are able to showcase how being a woman is far better than being a man. And for people that like those style of captions, its fine.

But like you I'm more a fan of the unwilling. I don't look at your or my caps as depicting women in a negative light... they're depicting ME in a negative light. The fact that I couldn't stand up and NOT be forced.

I think there are actually very few 'negatives' to being a woman. Certainly not any more negatives than there is to being a man.

Jennifer said...

@ Caitlyn

Thank you Caitlyn. ^_^ And i agree, there are some negatives to being a woman, But the negative light I think the person meant, was Being shown as weak, helpless, and how it's embarrassing to be turned into one.

But like you said, it's not about women being that way, it would be ME that is. usually I know it's a fun cap if it even get's to me and pushing my own buttons!

i think some people could see it this way, but completely miss the point that it's all based on stuff I put my self in.

Anonymous said...

I recently came out as trans. I can "reallllly" relate to this caption. You have to take your life by the horns and just go to town :)

venatus said...

nice caption, and very well put response, I can't think of much to add to it. great work.

Anonymous said...

This was a very nice job capturing how it felt. Unfortunately for me, as a middle aged person, the opportunity to transition wasn't there when I was young, but now is my time. I've been interested as a psychotherapist in the " forced femme thing". In my case I only had that fantasy until I could accept myself. Then it held no fancy for me. You can't rape the willing, as it were.

Anonymous said...

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