Thursday, August 9, 2012

Jennifer's gallery

This is another image post, but I will still have at least one more cap for you all. I am still away for the time being and I just hope that I get my PC back soon.

Before I get to the images, I want to remind everyone that I don't own any of these images and I do not make a single dime off of any of my captions. if you see an image that you own, I WILL take it down as soon as possible and have no problem giving proper credit to those that own the image.

This is all meant in good fun and if I post something that you own, please do not take offense or jump to any conclusions. I enjoyed your work and felt like sharing it, or, possible it inspired me to create a work of fiction. Again, if you want me to give credit or take the picture/s down, I will do it as soon as possible!

and now on to the images! 

First, I would love to say thank you to everyone who continues to read my work, even while I'm away. You guy's are great! ^_^

Second, I want to say that the header image for today would most likely be my avatar on yim. if yim wasn't such a bitch and keeping me from actually using any avatar at all! It doesn't matter what device I use, what internet connection I'm on, or even if I uninstall it and reinstall it, Yim will just NOT display my avatar. It really aggravates me..

Anyway, on to the pics! I probably won't say a lot about them this time, I just hope you all enjoy it. ^_^
I saw this image and thought of Mistress Simone. It's a rather recent picture I've saved, so I really don't have any idea what the story might be.

I don't even remember saving this one.. But looking at it now, I probably saved it for Dee. it looks like a 50's house wife kitchen, and a girl straight from the 80's.

There just aren't enough picture's/captions showing off a girl applying makeup. Which is why I always make a point to save any images showing that sort of thing off.

I also make it a point to save every pink haired image I can find. I LOVE pink hair and really enjoy a fun story that works it into it naturally some how.

A service Bell? check! Striking red hair and red latex maid outfit? Double check! A story to go with it? No check.. :(

How could I NOT save this one? I think I saved it for my self, As I really do enjoy exploring femininity, sensuality and beauty. But, I don't have an idea for what the story might be. I also seem to have a bit of trouble to trying to tap into that side of things.

There was two reasons I saved this image, and she's holding both of them in the palm of her hands. I think I had an idea for this at one time, but I can't recall what it was. And I lied, I saved it for 3 reasons. I try to save any image I find where it looks like the girl is exploring their chest in some way, as if they just got a pair of breasts for the first time!

I'm sure you can guess why I saved this one... I love how she seems to be struggling with what's in her mouth. Just like I struggled to think of a good hook for the story.


Chumley said...

Do some more caps with Mila kunis

badside said...

Nice pics Jennifer. Good luck with the PC honey.

Jennifer said...

@ chumley.

You got it!

@ badside

Thank you very much sweetie! ^_^ *hugs*

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