Monday, August 6, 2012

Today's post is not a caption or TG story in anyway. As promised, it's just a little peak into some of the images I have saved over the year's and for what ever reason, haven't done anything with them.

Before I get to the images, I want to remind everyone that I don't own any of these images and I do not make a single dime off of any of my captions. if you see an image that you own, I WILL take it down as soon as possible and have no problem giving proper credit to those that own the image.

This is all meant in good fun and if I post something that you own, please do not take offense or jump to any conclusions. I enjoyed your work and felt like sharing it, or, possible it inspired me to create a work of fiction. Again, if you want me to give credit or take the picture/s down, I will do it as soon as possible!

Now on to the images! ^_^

Sneaking a peak? 
I don't know what the story is behind this image. but it's absolutely perfect for a TG situation full of embarrassment. My only hurdle here, is explaining why she suddenly is in the men's bathroom and fully dressed as a woman. I don't much care for doing a cross dressing cap where she has almost perfectly real breasts just glued to her chest and some times magic caps that automatically change the guy's clothes come across as lazy. It can be done well some times,  but you kinda have to go out of you way to mention it.

After you pay up and hand over then green, then you can paint me with your white stuff. Not before!

I have had this picture for as long as I've been saving images for TG caps. I just love the look of the model and the white hair. I always feel like there's a cross dressing caption in their some where, but what it's about I have no idea. I almost made it into a crossdressing/hooker cap, but that didn't go very far.

Yes, yes, I can see your future husband now, tall, dark, han.. wait, you aren't really a girl? I could have swore you were a chick.. in that case, I foresee a very awkward date involving cross dressing and your future husband. don't worry, I also predict that you will look fabulous!

Honestly? I saved this one because I thought of Dementia and figured I could make something out of it for her. So far, it's not inspired me in any way, But I think I could still do something with it.

stocking licking good?

I want you to take one guess at who I saved this one for... I never did anything with it, because I'm not sure what I would do with the fish net stocking that seems to be draped over her. Looking at it now, it might be a lot simpler to cap for then I originally thought. Maybe next time! ^_^

Let me just.. uhh, how about if I put my hand back here and.. is this right?
I have almost capped this one a dozen times now.. but there is just one reason I always give it up. Why on earth would she be cupping her self from behind like that? I mean, the picture is perfect for a lot of scenes and the open space off to the right is a great opportunity to have some fun with the lay out. But who the hell grabs them self like that? I just can't think of a reasonable explanation for it. it just seems awkward and out of place for what ever the story might be.

you really think I look cute like this? *blush* Ok, fine, I'll dress up for the date, but just this once!
I'll be honest. I mostly saved this for my self and haven't tried to cap it, because I normally do not make captions just for me. I have recently, but It's still a hard habit to break and just craft a story for my self. I have a bunch of pics of this same set, but this one seems like she was either just made over, or made aware that she has been turned into a girl.

Now where did I lose that Chasity key? My pet is going to be so crossed with me if she find's out I've lost it again! Oh well, I'll look for it later.
I saved this one for Mistress Simone I believe, But It's not exactly the best quality. I could probably find one that's bigger and a better quality. But I also just didn't know what the story might have been. Still a very sexy image though. ^_^

I just hope the changes that temp agency gave me, are as temporary as this job..

Another one I've saved for my self. I really enjoy a good office tale, but again, I don't cap my self very often. I might have an idea for this one though, unlike the other one I posted.

any higher and I'll be flashing all my friends! *pout*

I don't make near enough latex or maid captions, And this one was both! So i had to grab it. Plus, just look at the pose, doesn't it just scream sissy?

I apologize for some of the lame caption's set under the pictures.. *giggle* and if anyone out there feels like they have a story for any of these images, of course you are free to go ahead and use them. This is in no way all of my pictures. They aren't even my most unique images.


Caitlyn Masked said...

Lovely images all Jennifer! I especially (and predictably) love that fourth image! I think all of these would make great caps!

Alectra Play said...

You know I could make you purrr with one or two of those images but you have been far too spoiled by me *giggle* Lovely and desirable pics Jennifer :)
Specially the last one, you already know me ;P

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

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