Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hello everyone. No, I'm not back yet, the laptop is still away and will be for a couple of weeks. But, I do have access to a digital backup service that has a few of my un-posted captions. But it would require me having to jump through some hoops just to grab one picture, download a copy of comic life on to this computer, export the file as a jpg, post it to my blog, and finally remove all evidence of that from this pc.

But, Then I get on here and am disappointed in the very cold and practically non-existent words of encouragement from my reader's. I rarely say anything about the lack of comments, I mean.. I do ok in that department thanks to my friends. But I have 373 follower's and get anywhere from 3000 views, (when I don't update) to 10'000 views when I do. That is a lot of people coming in and then just leaving with out saying anything at all.

Most of the time I'm ok with it, people just want to come in and read the caps and leave. But when ever I post something serious, something that effects me at all times of the day and when I need those words of encouragement most! I get nothing... Look at the last serious post I made on here, Laptop repair. It has one comment on it, My friend Ginger was kind enough to give me the word's of encouragement and well wishes that I desperately needed.

Go back even further then that and look at the last serious issue I had on this blog, Halloween heel's. My friend Caitlyn was the only one to leave a comment for me. When my aunt ruby passed away and I lost two puppies. There's more to it then that in the post, But the point is, not a single reader tried to reach out to me and showed how much they appreciated that I keep this blog as updated as I do.

It takes me anywhere from 5 minute's, to 5 day's to finish a cap. Depending on the length, looking for pic's,  working on the layout, proofing it, ETC. some cap's get comment's, some don't. I can at least count on my friend's to provide me with the feedback that I NEED, to hear to see if I'm still doing something other people enjoy as well as I do.

But now look, When I need those word's of encouragement from my reader's most, I still get nothing. I have 373 followers and up to 10'000 view's! But no one outside of my group of friend's left me a msg of well wishes or any encouragement at all. This is severely disappointing. I have serious issue's affecting my life, and I'm still thinking up way's to jump through hoop's and get you the work that you all enjoy. But no one could even leave one anonymous message. That's right, you don't even have to have an account, or to sign into your existing account, to leave any comment. But no one does it!

So, I'm only left thinking one thing. Why jump through the hoop's and try to post a new cap a few of you out there will enjoy, When no one even appreciates it? It take's a lot of time to make these cap's and then post them for people to read. But 99% of my reader's, just leave with out saying a word. Even when I'm depressed and still struggling to post new material, people still just click right through.

There is far, FAR more serious things going on in my life then getting 0 comment's. Or even losing my laptop. But, I don't feel like I can, or should, share it here, because no one show's that they care or appreciate what I do. Since my laptop repair post, I haven't been encouraged, I've been disappointed. It's this sort of thing that finally push's people like me to close their door's for good.

I don't ask for comment's on my normal work, and that would never be the reason I would stop doing any of this. I do enjoy it and I look forward to posting new work and seeing the view's shoot up. (it's the only way I can tell if the cap was well received or not. ) But when I post something serious and reach out to my reader's and they ignore it, Well, it's just very disappointing and depressing.


BunnyDreamer said...

I'm sorry. I guess since so much of these sites are pronographic in nature. I'm a little shy about commenting. I know it won't seem as meaningful since you just made a big post about feedback and comments but know I do appreciated you and other cappers and have tried a little of it myself and it is hard...and yeah. you guys and gals do great work! tg captions can be very cathartic for those with transgender feelings themselves, and even though there is no way you could or would, people can't help but feel embarrassed chatting content creators down with their pants down (metaphorically or literally.) I guess sometimes its hard to feel like anyone cares what we have to say or would want to hear from us, but please do keep trucking along.

TFBunny via TFMedia.org

BunnyDreamer said...

oh and yes I do realize a lot of your point was about non capping posts. But I feel that there is a disconnect between creator and creation, that is that the viewership when left to their own devices would rather stay quiet and unknown even by anonymous handles. We are (or at least I am) genuinely shy about engaging the creator. I always sort of hoped you knew I appreciated and cared, though that was probably naive of me.


SecretGirl said...

Howdy there, honestly this is the first time I have been to your tg caption site and I just read this post and it made me sad:( After looking at and definitely enjoying some of your captions I just wanted to let you know you have got me interested enough to come back! You have very sexy captions and since I have transgender issues myself they are very appealing to my sexuality;) Thanks for all the hard work you put into these captions and I hope that you get your laptop fixed soon and I hope your other serious issues get taken care of<3 I know not everyone takes the time to stop and say it but I am sure there are a lot of people that appreciate your work as much as I do. Seeing your captions makes me feel like I am not a lone with these kinds of fantasies and then when I see your serious posts like this it reminds me that you are a human too and not just some horny person putting these pics up to get off. Again, thank you for all your hard work and I hope things get better for you<3

Anonymous said...

This might not mean as much because it's comming after this post... but I just wanted to say I come here all the time and I LOVE your caps. I agree with what BunnyDreamer said about being shy about posting. I remember reading a while back that you had a drunk driver crash into your house and I thought that was terrible, but I didn't comment on it because I'm just an anonymouse reader and we don't know each other personally. Anyway, I think you're interesting funny and totally sexy. I'm a HUGE fan and I very much look forward to reading more from you in the future, after your laptop is fixed - if you ever feel up to it. Best wishes! <3

I'm also a big fan of Smitty's and Caitlyn's, but I always come here first and just click on the links to their blogs on the side of yours, lol.

Katrina L said...

Jennifer, I am so sorry. I have never been good with emotions and it hurts to see you upset like this. I just hope you don't let this get the better of you and get back to your usual bouncy self. If you need time away to sort other things out, no-one will begrudge you that either.

Even if people don't see you, they will always be thinking of you. I know I have missed seeing you around.


Mistress Simone said...

My dear, there isn't a TG blogger that hasn't felt a version of your frustration and I'm sad it comes within something so important to you.

Your prescience and blog are missed and while many don't speak up, I will keep a light on for when you return.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you feel that way, I hope that your laptop gets sorted out soon and whatever issues that you have affecting your life are resolved for the better soon

Anonymous said...


Jennifer said...

@ bunnydreamer

I do know that most everyone that come's here and read the captions, do appreciate it. And I used to be one of the shy reader's, unsure of what to say to them. That's why I usually never say anything about not receiving more comment's in general.

I had just thought, that since some of these issue's are very serious, That someone would have spoke up and said something. I just sort of felt like, no one was reading the text of the post and were just heading right to the cap. Thank you very much for coming here and reading my work, and even posting here on this topic. It means so much to me. *hugs*

@ secretgirl

Hello and welcome! *hugs* It's nice to meet you, I'm glad that you have enjoyed my work. ^_^ What you just said reminds me of when I first found out there was more people out there that had the same thought's, feelings, and fantasy's, as me. I was blown away by it! I had tried so many time's to purge this side of my self and ignore it. I even deleted my first 3 caps I ever made, in a attempt to crush this side of my self. thankfully, I had already posted them to a site, so I was able to save them.

@ Anonymous

I don't know 99% of the people who come through here, But I believe we all share a same interest and I'm always delighted to hear what my reader's liked, or didn't like. just seeing you post here like you have and say those uplifting words of encouragement, it means so much to me. *hugs* Yesterday was a really rough day, which is why I made this post in the first place, but all of these comment's have brought a smile to my face. When there really hasn't been a lot of smiling lately. *hugs*

@ Katrina L

I hope I'm back to my usual bouncy self soon, too. ^_^ I've missed getting on and expressing this part of me, creating and posting my caps, and role playing. Thank you for dropping by to help bring a smile to my face. *hugs*

@ Mistress Simone.

I know most TG blogger's feel this way Mistress. I usually never say anything about it on my blog, I was just expressing my confusion about no response to my personal post's, outside of the usual caps. Thank you for saying something here Mistress.

@ Anonymous.

Thank you very much sweetie. *hugs* I've been very depressed in general, with out my outlet for my TG feelings and desires. Or even my submissive feeling's. Add to it, all that happened just this weekend, and I just needed to vent about something. I don't mean to take it out on my reader's, I was just very sad at the time. *hugs* But everyone's words has helped me a great deal.

@ Anonymous.

Thank you for the heart sweetie. *hugs and kisses* Even little thing's like that, mean the world to me.

Thank you everyone for the wonderful comment's. *hugs and kisses*

Ginger said...

Jennifer, I am sorry, I have been working about 14 hours a day since friday, so I haven't been around, I know you are going through some tough times, but things will get better, and we are all here anxiously waiting your returm, I know that I hardly ever oomment on posts like this, but I am learning that theese are just as important! Hope to see you soon, and smile! please!

badside said...

Jennifer, I'm new to your blog, but I think it's great and have added it to my blog roll. I empathize completely with the no comments thing. I keep two blogs, one is about sex and lingerie and the other is where I write short stories about sissy adventures. I probably spend hours writing and editing those stories, but I have yet to receive even a single comment good or bad. I might call it quits since no one seems to care. I do enjoy writing the stories, but I could also spend my free time doing something else enjoyable. My other blog gets a few comments, but not a lot and I do usually respond to almost all of them. Please cum by and take a look and if you feel like it, maybe you can be my first commenter! Here's the urls:

Sick Sissy Fantasies:

Everybody Has a Badside:

Anonymous said...

my apologies for not responding/commenting, i do appriciate your work this is why i keep coming to your site.
i think Bunnydreamer had said it best about why people refrain from commenting, i know it relate to me.
so please dont get hurt by our silence and know that we do respect and thankfull for your efforts

Jennifer said...

@ Ginger

Thank you Ginger,You are one of the few people I can count on when I need support. And I don't want you to feel that your word's aren't enough,I was just very depressed at the time. *hugs*

@ Badside

Hello and welcome! ^_^It's great to meet you and I can't thank you enough for posting here, I'm glad you have enjoyed my work. At the moment, I can't find the time to read any story's or caps, But when I get my laptop back, I will be looking at your stuff. ^_^ *hugs*

@ Anonymous.

I understand where your coming from and I appreciate you taking time to comment here when I need it most. I used to be the same when I would surf on Lycos, but besides being shy and not sure of what to say, I was also of leaving any evidence that I was there. I only had one pc and had to share it with 4 other people.. ugh.. So I do get it, I just wanted to reach out to my reader's and see what it was that kept the majority of them, from commenting at all. Even just a simple hug, or nice cap! Would have made my day, and I knew that out of all of the views I get, that there had to be some people out there that could say something. Thank you for doing that, it means the world to me. *hugs*

@ Steffie.

Honestly, It's news to me that what I do is so different in your tastes. I enjoy your work, I thought you enjoyed my crossdressing caps. Of which, I make quite a few. I don't comment to your blog that often, because I don't have enough time to read too many caps. I'm still trying to catch up with Smitty's Smitty saga, and that includes me! lol. If I don't comment, it means I haven't read it.

Thank you for the kind words, even if it's a tad strange to hear from you that you don't like my work, when I do enjoy yours. *hugs*

badside said...

Thanks for the big warm welcum Jennifer. I'll look forward to when you get your laptop back.

Alectra Play said...

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry sweetie Y.Y I was away and when I came back I left you on the dark, without a response T_T I feel really bad, right now... I will try to comment more on your work. I haven't missed you but I felt a great emptiness when you weren't posting :)

Hugs and Kisses ALectra

Thomas Brighton said...

I think you are very correct, Jennifer. People should support the creator since the creations spring forth from your head and whatever happens to you in real life can effect your muse or your production rate. People should respect and support that and not just breeze on by when they see that you are in dire straits.

But I do think part of the problem is that your usual readership happens to usually come here for caps and when there is something going on and they see a post that possesses only text, they pass on by since it is not of their interest or they do not really take note of it.

I have not been on as of late as you can likely tell since our thread still needs a reply. But you are missed and appreciated Jennifer. I really do hope that things work out.

I also think that now would be a good time to take a break from the digital realm and focus on what is going on in RL especially if there is a lot going on there that needs to be dealt with.

In general, just do what is best for you, dear. And we shall see you when you return.

Shaun said...

First of all, I know this will probably not seem as genuine since you just made a big post about feedback…
But, I just wanted to let you know how I felt anyways. I'm a little shy about commenting. For the most part, I feel like since we don’t know each other, that you (and other people like you) would not be too impacted by my comments. So, for those two reasons, I do not comment on ANY blogs at all. Like someone else already said, I always sort of assumed that you knew that me and other readers appreciated what you do. I have tried to write some captions just for fun, and it’s really hard to come up with anything good and interesting (for me at least, so I understand how it must be for people like you who are serious about it and actually have a website with frequent posts.)
When you haven’t posted in a while, I do wonder why and if everything is ok. I honestly do read the stuff you write, and don’t skip right to the pictures. When things have been going badly for you, I felt bad and hoped you would get better, but didn’t say anything, because like I said, I don’t know you.

I hope that you get your laptop fixed soon and I hope your other serious issues get taken care of as well. :) I saw on another blog like this one that the writer committed suicide, so I really hope you are not too upset or depressed. I’M NOT SAYING YOU FEEL THIS WAY, but my best friend also tried to kill himself a couple years ago (he’s fine now), and I just don’t want to see this awful tragic thing happen to anyone else. I hope you are back to your normal happy self soon :)
Also, I don’t know if you take requests for captions, but if you do, which would be awesome, I was wondering if you could do more captions this one – “Sleep through it”. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_Hrqunlc7PrE/SwBr6ggsqdI/AAAAAAAAAKA/WQKFddB-GgU/s1600-h/Sleep+through+it.jpg It’s one of my favorites. I like most of your stuff, but my favorite kind of cap is the “lighter” kind, if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Hugs and kisses :)

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