Friday, July 20, 2012


I really wanted my next post to the blog to be something TG Caption related. But Sadly, The demo for comic life and comic life 2, have been removed. So, The only way I can gain access to any of my un-posted and in some cases unfinished work, is to download the whole program and put in the register number and all that. Maybe I can steal away enough time to check my online storage programs and find one all ready to post, But That would mean looking through NSFW images and... that's really tricky at the moment.

I wanted to thank each and every person that left me well wishes in my last post, and in the various forums I frequent. I can't reply in a timely fashion, but I have got the chance to at least read them and it means a lot to me.

In other news, I do know for a fact, that my laptop is in for repairs and I should be hearing something about it soon. I hope it's good news, As I would hate to jump on them for not taking care of this sooner.

Next is a bit off topic for this blog, But also an important message, or reminder, how ever you would like to take it.  It's about the recent tragedy that struck a dark knight rises movie showing, and if you don't want to read something depressing such as that, on this blog that is more sexually fueled and meant to be enjoyed, I understand. So, I will be placing it past the page break.

I'm sure that most of my friends and reader's have heard of the tragedy that struck a recent showing of the dark knight rises, I'll be honest, I believe I know one or two people in that state. It makes me worried that someone I know might have been at that showing, just about everyone I know likes batman and have enjoyed that series of movies. A very good friend of mine a few years back was involved in a shooting at a school, She's ok, but It brings up those same fears.

SO,  I would just like to tell people to reach out and get in touch with people you know, spend time with them, share something with them. Anything really, Just something good. Tragedy can strike at any moment and anywhere, you should enjoy the time you have.

I would love to get in touch with my friends and make sure they are all ok and doing well, But until I have the free time to do so, (right now a white screen and some black text, is better then a pink forum or forced femme roleplaying site. and no one I know, is on yim. ) I will be keeping them in my thoughts and prayers.

Sorry for being such a downer lately with all of my posts, But I have missed all of my friends and readers dearly and I want to remind people that you should cherish every moment you have. If you haven't got in touch with them, or maybe had a recent disagreement, Please remember that things can spin out of control in an instant and all you will be left with is regret.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you Jennifer! Hope you get your laptop back sooner rather than later. :)

badside said...

Hi Jennifer, looking forward to you resuming your postings. Good luck with the laptop honey and my thoughts go out to those hurt by the tragedy.

Ginger said...

I am sorry things aren't back to normal sweetie, I can't wait for you to come back! Hope to see you soon!

Jennifer said...

@ Anonymous

Me too! From what I hear, it's in the evaluation process, so I should hear something soon. Not sure if they will have to replace it, repair it, or, if they might have to just send it back with out anything being done. if it's the last one, I can guarantee they will be hearing back from me!

@ Badside

Thank you sweetie, and thank you for the kind words about the recent tragedy.

@ Ginger

I miss you too Sweetie, I can't wait till I'm back in the swing of things. I will say this for my time away and all of my recent trouble's, You really find out who your real friends are. ^_^ *hugs*

Victoria Hyde said...

Good luck with the laptop and the attendant pain-in-the-assery its loss has caused.

FWIW, it looks to me like demos are still available for Comic Life 2. (Didn't look into v1):



Hope this helps.


Caitlyn Masked said...

Jennifer, I'm glad to hear that your laptop is working it's way through the long process of getting repaired and returned to you. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to go without that side of yourself. I know it was incredibly difficult when I forced myself to stay away for just a few weeks... but even then I could 'sneak' in a few times to visit.

As for posting new material here... I'm sure I speak for most people when I say that you should take whatever precautions you feel are necessary. If using someone else's computer doesn't feel private enough, then we'll all wait patiently for your laptop to return since it will allow you the time to be the full and wonderful Jennifer that we all know and love, instead of just the quick and dirty Jennifer that is otherwise possible (although you know that we all love the dirty Jennifer too!)

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