Tuesday, November 16, 2010

trail and error

 so here's an extra caption for the week, since It's my birthday today. :D It's not a forced tale or anything, But it's good to switch things up. I know not everyone enjoys that sort of thing, and I've made a couple that were pretty fun to make. This was a nice one. ^_^


sp2000 said...

Well, Happy Birthday. This was a great caption.

Jennifer said...

Thank you very much. ^_^ I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Kevin said...

It is your birthday and I did not get you a breast cake?! I am so very sorry.

Very sweet caption. Hope you are happy with your witch GF for your B-day. ^^

dark heathyr said...

Happy (belated) birthday, Jen! May all your transformations be magical . . . and erotic. :)

Betty said...

How deliciously sweet - and happy birthday.

Jennifer said...

Thank you so much girls. ^_^ it means a lot! and I'm glad you all enjoyed the story. I've done that theme before, I guess I like idea of a girl making me her lover. *giggle*

Samantha1 said...

Very nice,
I love the witches hair flowing down the
back like that, very nice, that and the
way she's looking at you. You look a little
hesitant, but under the circumstances, I
guess that's understandable.

Samantha1 said...

hey, I've got a super easy way to remember
your birthday! I'll invite you to my party
and when you leave I'll say "I'll call you
tommorrow" (but I'll mean it)

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