Friday, November 26, 2010

Help your self

This was a first for me since I worked on the ending first, then set up the beginning once I was done. I think the end could almost work by it self but the first part is fun too.  Please Enjoy! ^_^

 I noticed a  few typos, but I can't get to the original copy at the moment. ugh


Betty said...

Nice - very sexy and sweet smiles.


Samantha1 said...

such an intersting image, I don't know my flowers, but I guess that's a pink rose
she is holding in her lips - very suggestive,
of course - but this is a caption about
hypnotism - so very appropriate, since
hypnotism is about suggesting the outcome
you desire, and letting him take you there,
pretty cool really, but excuse me,
I have a sudden urge to cluck like a chicken.

dixie tansvestite said...

Just discovered ths site today,,,
i soaked my panties with pre-cum reading this pair of captions..Mmmm
PURE EROTICISM,,,great pics, beautiful captions! THANK YOU !!

Jennifer said...

@Dixie transvestite:

You are very welcome! :D being able to elicit such a response is one off the best things I could heat about my work! If you find any more that soak your panties just as well, LET ME KNOW! ^_^

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