Friday, November 12, 2010

Secret lesbian lover

 Had a lot of fun working on this 1940's style cap. Hope you all enjoy It. ^_^


Kevin said...

She looks sick in the pic. See, no smokeing kids.

Anyway, the cap was good. A weak willed man who was willing, yet forced it seemed. Now, to see if the true 'man' of this relationship shows up again. ^^

Jennifer said...

I'm sure the True man will show up again and again. the guy in the skirt lost any rights to be called a man once he agreed to flirt with other guys. *giggle*

I think her eye's look rather sexy and sultry. I don't usually do smoking caps, but it did fit with the setting. And She was trying to calm her nerves. ^_^

Jennifer said...

And thank you for the comment! :D

Kevin said...

Well looks are all in the eyes of the beholder.

Anyway, it was a fun cap. Hope to see more from ya in the near future of course. Love your work. ^^

Jennifer said...

I'm still Capping and don't see myself stopping anytime soon. I couldn't post for a bit there, becuase my power cord blew up. ugh.

And thank you, I love hearing from my readers. ^_^

Samantha1 said...

Well you know if she ordered me to put
on the blouse and skirt I'd do it,
especially if it pleased her. But I like
flirting with the guys too, just don't
tell her. That'll be our secret, OK?

Theater make up can look way overdone
in a still shot, but yeh, she could have
helped me out with a make-up a little.
Maybe she doesn't want to me to get the
really cute guys.

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