Thursday, November 25, 2010

That's an A+

How about a little Magic dress fun after that thanksgiving dinner?

Edit: I thought I would try my hand at going into a little more in depth with the creative process. I chose this one in particular as the first guinea pig, because I actually wrote up two captions for this one picture!

I had seen the picture first in Kaitlyn's two for one deal she had going, I noticed she had put up some new pics to chose from.  there was this single bondage picture that just stuck out to me and I had the story instantly! A cross dressing tale staring a brother and sister, with the brother set to take the fall, hard!  I asked her if I could have it and it was off I go to write it up.

the story came out very smoothly, It was something I was pretty proud of once I gave it another once over. but that's when I remembered, kaitlyn didn't like cross dressing captions.. opps!

So it was back to the drawing board, I didn't scrap the other story instead I kept it for latter. I still had to use this picture for Kaitlyn's 2 for 1 deal some how. But the method had to change, something magical I guessed.  The dress really stuck out to me, so I went with that as the reason he was changed, I read plenty of cursed clothing TF's way back when, but never made many caps that featured it. A little reworking of the original plot and I ended up with the little brother again, getting him self tied up by a burglar and the sister being the only one narrating the story. just like the first tale, but this time the sister is a witch in training and the brother is a little bit on the kinky side.

I liked how the sister interacted with her brother like this, putting stuff together in her head, as he squirms against his bonds. I wanted to keep it playful but still stimulating, so I put the camera bit at the end for a little bit of humiliation fun.  all in all, It turned out to be a nice caption. both of them!


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Very cute; what a lucky girl.

venatus said...

lovely cap. and interesting story behind it sounds like your pretty adept at writing captions.

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