Monday, November 22, 2010

Well, I had some more Laptop issue's over the weekend, but I have things settled for now. And I was still able to make this fun little doozy! ^_^


Kevin said...

I feel this caption is not an evil girl attack her brother, but a kind sister only helping with what her SISTER wants.

We need more sisters like these 2. ^^

sasha said...

Love this picture with the pig tails. Super pretty.

Jennifer said...

She's not evil at all, she just let it slip that her brother liked that sort of thing and so did her friend the witch. ^_^ I'm glad you both enjoyed it.

Samantha1 said...

Very nice,
Guys always think they're fooling everybody.
(commenting is kind of fun, aint it - if I wasn't
such a dunce, I would have figured that out sooner)

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