Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just like that

Well, I know I've been just a little behind in updating the blog. but there's good reason for that! ^_^ I recently had a human error with my laptop, *cough*dropped it*cough* So I had to start fresh until I  get it fixed.

But there's good news! I've been capping like crazy on this older laptop and got over 20 caps just waiting to post. But, It sort of depends on how well my Give-a-way on the haven goes... Happy holiday's 3 for 2 give-a-way

 it's off to a slow, but great start so far! and  I still have the caps to give out even if no one else joins in. ^_^

P.S. And no, they aren't pre-made caps where I just switch out your names. every single one has been made from the ground up just for you, if you so deiced to enter the good will spreading promotion. :D


sasha said...

Very well written.

venatus said...

wonderful cap, though I get the feeling now that she's had that experience she doesn't' mind her new situation so much.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm. Just like that. Selling out her guy to a lifetime of skirts for the pleasure of one orgasm. Seems like a great deal to me. Super awesome!

Xavier/ChloƩ/Hitomi said...

huummmm, i like this type of cap, unfortunlaty made a orgasm to made him to stuck in this form he doesn't want, hummm, in my mind, it make me so horny...and the facial expression is so great, i like it so much....Thanks Jennifer to follow my blog i uptaded a new page with TG Pics

Rose said...

Great match between story and photo!

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