Friday, December 31, 2010

 And welcome back! here it is, the second caption series I promised for you all. And this one is for a wonderful caption author Trisha. ^_^ if you haven't read any of her work, but love sissy's, then you have been missing out on some of the best sissy caps on the web!

I was inspired to do this caption for her after one night of reading and commenting on her blog. I just love sissy caps, but for some reason have not made very many. well, i was going to fix that and Trisha was one of my first vic... umm, chosen recipients for the sissy treatment. *giggle*

I really enjoyed how this one came out, and that's great to me because Trisha also wrote one of, if not the best forced fem story I've read. the series All or nothing. I've read and re-read that story many times and it captures many elements I love. So I hope I've done the same for her with this little tale. ^_^

 as for the actual story in the cap, We may never know the real back story as to how and why Trisha end's up the way she does. but it doesn't matter in the end, it doesn't matter for any of the sissy's at pink bottoms. With out even knowing it, I made a sissy universe when I finished this caption and another soon (couple of weeks, maybe next week) to be posted sissy cap. I hope you all enjoy this one. ^_^

Also, check out Trisha's blog link in the little ticker tape to the left of this post. you won't regret it. unless you don't want to end up like a simpering sissy. *giggle*


smitty said...

Great job on this one. I love the style shifts between each page. They all fit together but they all have their own distinct feel too.

Jennifer said...

thank you! ^_^ I wanted to show the capture, training, and then birth of Miss sweet lips.

It was a blast making.

Caitlyn Masked said...


Great series!! I concur with smitty in that all the page's styles show that it is a different phase of the story. It really force the reader to take note that time has passed.

I really loved the comments from her fellow sissies at the end!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm gone for just a little while and I find this when I return! Thanks! What a thrill! I agree with Smitty and Caitlyn that the shift between the pages works nicely. It helps to keep the story fresh, and it works to keep the "chapters" of her new life distinct. For some reason, you don't see that technique very often. I absolutely love the turn around at the beginning, too, from master to sissy, which is one of my favorite fantasies. Nice job with the names and comments at the end as well. Delicious, delicious, delicious. Now I owe you a cap, Jennifer. Beware!

Samantha1 said...

Ooooh! Supporting Actress in a
Caption by Jennifer! Very exciting!
I'm glad I got a good part.
I'm updating my resume as we speak,
my ma, my dad, my friends they'll
all be so proud when they hear
about this! Thanks.

Jennifer said...

your most welcome Samantha. ^_^ I'm sure they will be very proud of you. *giggle* maybe you will get an award for best supporting sissy in a TG caption.

Jennifer said...

@ Trisha

I thought I commented to you a while back! sorry about that! I am soo so so happy that you loved this caption. I really enjoyed the Master to sissy angle, and writing out the different moments in your training/Transformation was so much fun!

I need to do more sissy classmate comments. *giggle* I liked giving Jennifer one last backhanded comment. *smirk*

And I'm shaking with fear (excitement) ^_^

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