Friday, December 31, 2010

Pool puns for smitty!

 Hey! hope your having a happy new year's eve! if not, well I have a couple of series to post for the year end blow out that Might just be the thing you need. *giggle* First up, is my third and last (for now) caption series for Smitty. If you don't know Smitty and his work, you can find his blog in the little blog link ticker tape to the left of this post. and if you enjoy his work, head on over to the haven and think about donating a little, he has a reward offer that can't be missed!

Now on to the caption. This was the last one I made in the set of 3 I wrote up for him. The first was The appointment, which you can find 1 post down. (or is that two?) and I tried to emulate his style of caption's with my own little story. the second one, good'ol time. which can be found just below this post, was my attempt at taking his Smitty character and crafting a story around him.

This time it's all me! ^_^ I put Smitty in one of my own story's with my own brand of story telling. the puns in the caption were fun to make, but I also know Smitty enjoys things like that, so I worked them into the story. not many and it's not really all that funny, but I hope it's hot! *giggle* enjoy!


smitty said...

I always love a good bet gone wrong cap. And I ended up so cute too! Thanks for the great caps you've made for me lately. So many different flavors, but all served piping hot!

Jennifer said...

I'm glad to serve em up. ^_^ and I know you like em hot and spicy. *giggle*

Caitlyn Masked said...

Another great cap Jennifer!

I don't believe I've ever come across a story involving a magic pool table. Lets hope that they don't exist as I love pool and am really bad at it.

Wait, what am I thinking?

(begins searching for a magic pool table!)

Anonymous said...

She will really get the shaft!

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