Tuesday, December 28, 2010

a good ol'time for smitty

Last time I tried to emulate the style of your captions, this time I tried my hand at.. you! I tried to use your Smitty character/persona in a single cap. I'm not sure if I got the exact tone, I just tried to make him a little irritating and aggravating to your transformed slut's situation.  *giggle* That's halve the fun after all. ^_^ Hope you like it!


smitty said...

Awesome single cap. Only you could distill so much of Smitty's awesomeness in a single page! The open door twist is great. I wish I'd thought of it because it is SO Smitty. And it ends with a whimper...but probably followed by a bang.

Jennifer said...

The unlocked door bit was one of 3 major focal points I had in mind when I started the caption. I've read quite a few of your caps that star Smitty and thought that it would be exactly something he would do. heheh keeping the girl 'chained' with her own twisted feelings for you. *giggle*

and just in case you were wondering, the other 2 focal points were, the girl licking your shoe, and Smitty's dialog.

Caitlyn Masked said...

Awesome cap Jennifer! I think you nailed Smitty! Or is that Smitty nailed you? Hmm...

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