Thursday, December 16, 2010

Masked motives

WOO!! sorry I have not been posting much, but I think you might be excited to hear I have over 50 new caps to show for it! yay! And I can now start using them for a great cause, Rachel's haven is falling on some hard times and our asking kind an generous  to help them this holiday season. If your a member and you love the people, posts, captions, trades, role plays, gallery, and so much more that the haven has to offer, please see what you can do to help the forum see another year.

The point of all that? There's an offer going on right now at the haven, if you donate as little as 10 dollars you will receive not just a caption from me, but also Petra! the more you donate the more you receive. you can star in your very own caption series and help out a great community all at once! Me and another Member from the haven, the lovely Petra, are offering our services to cap anyone that donates during this offer, just follow the link for more information!

I'll update this post with more info for the caption. been a little busy today, but I had a lot of fun with this one. I made it for the lovely Caitlyn masked who runs her own blog that can be found in my little ticker tap of blogs on the left side. ^_^ This was my attempt of a page out of a tg romance novel.  I like to think this is the fist tine caitlyn really came to life  and is letting her take control of the situation.


Caitlyn Masked said...


I want to thank you so much for this wonderful cap. I never thought I would like a 'romance' style cap, but I will treasure this one dearly!

And for everyone our there reading this, go to the Haven and donate. The world will be less if the Haven were to go under, and it needs our help!

Brendan Pickett said...

Please have a look at my new blog page...

Samantha1 said...

He's drawn to the woman's aura,
the projection of femmininty, the illusion and
mystique of the girl behind the mask -that is who he desires, what else matters?

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