Thursday, December 23, 2010

The appointment! for smitty

 I am getting a little busy over here, so I can't make a long winded post yet. But I hope you all enjoy this Blog Exclusive Caption series. ^_^

I wanted to make a "Smitty"  Cap, something that tried to capture the humor and tone of your story's. So I began with the premise that you are now a girl for what ever reason and you go to the doctor to fix it.  which it then slowly becomes the beginning of a porno.

Hah! I loved that idea, so I went straight to work on it. I hope you like your Appointment! ^_^


sp2000 said...

Nice set of captions. That last bit in the first part was a nice touch.

smitty said...

A great cap and it definitely captures humor and tone of my stories. Dun dun dun...
And I love it when she says "why did he day 'problem' like that?"

Chrissy said...

A great series. Pics are perfect, with the clothing, to the bondage, the styling fit the comic presentation well.

Do you happen to know who's the girl in the pics?

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