Friday, October 19, 2012

All for you, My girl!

Today's caption is brought to you by, Smitty. He gave me this picture the other day and thought I could do something with it. I let it set for a bit, mulling it over till an idea clicked. Let's hope he was right! ^_^

And last nights movies were hellraiser, and clue! I'm a big fan of the first two hellraiser flicks, but past them, and it just becomes a slasher flick. Well, 5 is ok.

Clue is just insane at how well they pulled this movie off. It's based off of a board game! But it's a so funny and it still some how retains the spirit of the game with out forcing it in unnaturally into the story. I loved their take on each character and even the one's they added. (and who doesn't like a hot french maid and Tim curry as a snarky butler? ) And in case anyone was wondering which ending i watched. All of them were the murder!


smitty said...

I love what you did with this one,ignoring the obvious bondage stories and making it a softer, more humiliating punishment instead. Very well done and very squirmy.

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