Sunday, October 28, 2012

Change your mind

This was such a fun cap to write. And the situation played a part in that, but it was the girl in the photo that put it over the top for me! I really enjoyed using a attractive crossdresser in a photo, instead of passing a real girl off as a man in drag. that's fun too, but It's nice to inject a bit more realism into this.

Last nights film was going to be Repo the genetic opera, but My blu ray wouldn't play. :( And then I was going to watch comedy of terrors with Vincent price, a horror comedy in case you didn't get that from the title. but netflix kept freezing at one point in the movie.

I finally decided to watch arsenic and old lace, a old horror comedy that is funnier then most films today. the subject matter is dark, but the performances and situations that unfold is just hilarious!


Anonymous said...

I just hope someone doesn't snatch her up before she makes it round the block ;)

Joseph Jackson said...

great cap! She needs to be careful on that corner :)

Dee Mentia said...

Its great when we can work in pretty TG/she male pictures into a caption, but some people are definitely of a "genetic girl only!" type request.

I used to be that way, but over time, my preferences have expanded so that I don't mind a good drag queen caption or sissy one, as long as they LOOK good!

We've been having problems with Netflix on our Bluray player as well. I think that its Netflix' fault to be honest, though I know its happened on quite a few different Samsung models.

Repo: The Genetic Opera is absolutely awesome! I watched the Rifftrax version of House on Haunted Hill the other day. I think you can find it on Hulu if you are so inclined.

Jennifer said...

@ Kara hyde

Yes, let us hope! *giggle*

@Joseph Jackson

Thanks! ^_^ the hooker scenario has been a favorite of mine ever since I read a story where a wife dressed up her husband and left him on the other side of down. the bad side of town.. That was one of the first story's I ever read, probably not as good as I remember! lol.

@Dee Mentia

Yeah, more often then not that's the case. Normally not a problem, unless I feel like capping a real cross dresser in a cap.

I don't think i've done a drag queen type cap, well, at least one that fit that sort of thing. I guess this one could be, since he is dressed like a girl and has some heavy make up.

yeah, not sure what was wrong with the movie. you know, i think that's the second time we have tried to watch it on netflix actually.

Repo is awesome! Really need to figure out what's wrong with my disc! and is that a rifftrax version of the remake, or the original? (both i've re-watched recently. )

Anonymous said...

Mm, hot!

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