Saturday, October 13, 2012

product demonstration

I wish I could have made this into a sissy pet caption. I probably still could, since as I was posting this I actually had an idea for a scene like that. *sigh*

Oh well, My first idea for this picture is what you see here. Was trying to go for a gut punch, but to me I might have fallen short of not only that, but the squirm. Still, I'm happy to have a new cap and hope someone out there enjoys it. ^_^

Last night's movie was Friday the 13th part 4. I just put in any of them really, I just wanted to see a Friday the 13th flick. ^_^


Anonymous said...

Is there a discount if I'm signing myself up for it?

I think what you came up with works well. Though looking at the picture I can see some form of sissy dog show going on.

smitty said...

I actually like this better than a sissy pet caption. It has all the squirm of one and of imagining the display's fate, but it also has the extra squirm of treating him like an afterthought and the idea of it being done to anyone else.

Anonymous said...

your caps are so sexy!!! keep em coming girl;)

Jennifer said...

@ Anonymous

Thank you! I'm glad I can give you a bit of a thrill and a tease. ^_^

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