Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sealing the deal

this was to be the first animated gif caption I ever made. but unfortunately, I could not figure out how to add a gif to the caption. I had a very nice person help me fix it, but when they sent it to me. it was just a jpg. Oh well, here's the caption anyway. ^_^


smitty said...

Very hot one. I love caps where the maleness is literally fucked out of someone and this one expressed that so well.

realfield said...

So hot, so very, very hot.
This one pushes buttons hard.

Jennifer said...

Glad you both Loved it. ^_^ It's a favorite subject of mine as well, but I don't get many ideas for it.

Thank you for the kind words.

Tina said...

Fuck! I love the picture you used, the way she's getting pounded so god damn hard by his best friend. The expression of his 8" cock ramming hard as hell as his male self is being fucked off!

Jennifer said...

so glad you enjoyed that tina. sometimes you just need that personal touch in sealing in your friend in a woman's body. you know? *giggle*

Tina said...

haha, i know, that personal tough! By the way do you use guy names in your captions from people you know? ...just a question.

Tina said...

Also by the way I just still can't get the image of her face as she's getting pounded hard, and how she's pinned down with her ass in the air! this image hasn't left my mind!

Tina said...

do you think you can send me the gif you have? please??

Jennifer said...

I can send it. ^_^ I just had some laptop problems recently, but once i can get to it I will send it to you. And I'm so glad you enjoyed it, I had a great time making it. and now that I've re-read it, I noticed a few typos I will need to fix when I get my laptop working again...

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