Friday, October 29, 2010

worse then you can imagine

 this is a dark tale I made for Smitty in honor of all hallows eve coming this Sunday!

this can be seen more of a tale of horror then just a erotic story of a man in a woman's body. I've seen people use these subjects before, and understandably dance around them. But this is a story of a rapist finding him self in hell for his sins and what he experiences while trapped. please read with that in mind.

stick around for the ending!


smitty said...

Very interesting take on an oft repeated theme. It's a great twist at the end because it someone how seems even darker that no flawless supernatural justice is behind this. Very well done.

Jennifer said...

thank you. ^_^ I thought the ending made it darker as well. it's a good twist, fitting punishment and even helps bring the reader back to the fact it's a tg caption.

K@T said...

Hi Jennifer, Thank You adding My blog to your blog list, that is very kind of you. :D:D:D I have added your site link to that post, and I must say that fromt he few captions of yours I have read so far I have found them very enjoyable... :D:D:D


K@t ^^

Jennifer said...

Thank you very much for the kind words. ^_^ This cap that you posted to here is a horror story more then anything. My other tales are either funny, (just a few) or erotic tales meant to push your buttons.

K@T said...

I initally posted on this one as it was your most recent post and I didn't wish for my message to somehow disappear between the blogging cracks... ^^ :):):)

Admittedly I am guilty of not having read this actual caption set at the time of the previous post. :-s Although I have read it now and although I am admittedly a little confused over what 'he' did to that girl originally (at first i thought he raped her, then it seemed more like a jilted ex-lover) regardless I thought concept & execution of the story was brilliant. :D:D:D:D:D

Pink & Fluffi Luv...


Jennifer said...

Well He Did Rape her. I didn't know It started to seem like he was just an ex-lover. It was something he had done years ago and thought he had put it behind him. Even That is in question by the end though, he's kinda lost all sense of time.

glad you enjoyed it though. ^_^ thank you.

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