Friday, October 8, 2010

An Emergency

Hello everyone, I wasn't able to get to the Halloween Caption today. last night we had a bit of an emergency as me and my family had to take my mom to the hospital. she pulled a muscle from her stomach right above the appendix, and a blood clot formed in the tear. She's ok, but in a lot of pain. SO I'm afraid I can't guarantee that a Halloween themed caption will be posted every day. Instead I have a new Idea that I will announce soon. I'm sure you will all love it! ^_^

your prayers and well wishes would be greatly appreciated.


Samantha deSavory said...

Family takes precedence over posting, best wishes for your mother and yourself.

Anonymous said...

Yes, well wishes being sent now! Really, in such a situation, we can easily forget the captions until your mother is well.

Good luck! ^^

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