Thursday, March 31, 2011

The freakiest Dee

Guess who got their keyboard fixed? ME! So Please forgive me for the lack of posts, I haven't been able to do many captions lately either so the Jennifer story is still delayed for the time being.

But lucky me! I have quite a few I can still post here on the blog. And if i have my way, I'll never run out! hahahahaha!
I chose today's caption because it's completely based on the freakazoid theme song and I wanted to put up another song play list.

If you want to find out the rest of the inspiration for this silly caption and see the play list, just check out the rest of the post after the page break.

Yep! This picture was the start of why I captioned the Freakazoid theme song. My friend Cindy Sent me this picture one night and I laughed so hard that I had to hear the theme song again. While I was listening to to, I got the idea of adapting freakazoids origin into a TG caption. I could probably do a more serious effort, but I thought it would be funnier if I also adapted the theme song as well.

Dee was the perfect target for such a caption, she likes corny, bizarre captions that have lots of pop culture references in them. The fact she's a bimbo in the song/cap is because I used her persona of Dee Dee, so if I had used this caption for anyone else it may have turned out differently. Also, it was way easier to rhyme Dee, then it was Dementia. *giggle*

And now onto the playlist! This one is comprised of songs I like to listen to when I just want to focus on sex appeal. Again, I ask anyone reading this blog to go ahead and post their own suggestions and I will update the list if I feel it fits in with the theme I have going. So all you need to know is, it should feel like something that a woman would perform a slow strip tease to or just feel sexy in general.

Def leppard - Pour some sugar on me
8mm - Nobody does it better(This is a cover of a classic song. But still, every time I hear it I am reminded of many many hours of blasting my brothers away in golden eye multiplayer. WE played all of the James bonds themes to that game. And just ignore the video. )
Buckcherry - Crazy Bitch (Like the song before it, Dementia suggested them and a few others on this list. thanks!)
Great white - on your knees (Another suggestion from Dee. With a tittle like that, I'm surprised I hadn't heard it before!)
Lords of acid - Rough sex (Another suggestion from Dee. And though it's different from the other songs on the list, I can see how it would provide inspiration and help set the tone for a caption. Sexy club chicks! am I right?)
Babylon A.D. - Desperate
(Yes, another Suggestion from Dee, Thanks! And also the perfect example of why I'm doing another play-list post. I get to find so many great songs that are new to me. )
INXS - Need you tonight
Chris Isaak - Wicked game (Again, a different song from the rest, but still sexy in a different way. I could probably find a version of this to put on my previous list as well )
Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes
Roxette - The Look (She's got the look!)
Roxette - how do you do
Joe cocker - You can leave your hat on (if I had to pick one song to use as an example for a sexy song, this would be it. And It's not just the lyrics either, the slow rhythm of the song is perfect for this list. )
Garbage - Cherry lips
Divinyls - I touch myself
Jace Everett - Bad Things (This is the only song I listened to while writing this Caption. Which is why I named it the way I did. )
Clara Morgane - Sexy Girl (I first heard this song around the time Smitty made me this caption. Now I can't hear this song with out also wanting to read it. The way she's kicking her legs up in the air makes me think she's performing a strip tease in the office to this song. The sexy thought is forever burned into my minds eye!)
Billy Squier - The Stroke (Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!)
Love and rockets - So alive
Robert Palmer - Addicted to Love
The Doors - Hello, I love you
Enigma - Principles of lust
Santana - Smooth (Feat. RobThomas)
Jimi Hendrix - Foxy lady
 T-rex - Bang a gong


venatus said...

clever cap, and I honestly didn't know it was that picture that lead you to making it.

Samantha said...

I'll be the first to admit I have strange
tastes, but here's a few I think are super sexy
(from back in the good old days)
Tupelo Honey - van Morrison
Coney Island Baby - Lou Reed
Down on Me - Janis Joplin
Ball and Chain - Janis (I love Janis)
Those Shoes - the Eagles
Bang a Gong - T Rex
I got it Bad and that aint good - Duke Ellington -with Johnny Hodge playing a very sexy sax solo
Little Wing - Jimmi Hendrix
I'm in the Mood - John Lee Hooker
Sweet Little Angel - BB King
Holly Holy by Neil Diamond
(laugh all you want, it's a very sexy song)
Well I'm going going back to my cave
to check how the Wooly Mammoth burgers are
coming along.

Jennifer said...

Updated my ist! Thanks. ^_^ I enjoyed quite a few on your list, and some I already heard of. (holly holy, bang a gong, those shoes.) But there was only one I felt belonged on the list. Those shoes almost fits, but I decided to leave it off.

I grew up on classic tunes and the like, so I know quite a few older songs and enjoy them greatly. So thanks for posting the list! ^_^

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