Friday, March 25, 2011

Moment of doubt

Sorry everyone for the lull in posting, I'm still waiting on the new keyboard and it's not really easy typing up long posts with the on-screen keyboard. So thing's might be slow around here for a little while longer.

I made this one recently for Mistress Simone's birthday.  Modern Goddess: The Shrine of Decadence   Even though I've had a bit of a slump in creativity, the stars still aligned just enough for me to get this one done for her. ^_^

I had never done one that focused on the supernatural aspect of submitting to a goddess, so I tried my best to capture that feeling. I'm sure I could explore that theme further, the idea of it is very alluring and I had a great time with this little blip into that fantasy. She also greatly enjoys dominating once powerful men and women, so I had to work that in.

Once the general outline of the plot came together, I knew where my starting point should be. That moment of doubt one would have before going into a relationship like this. Even if you were to take out the supernatural aspect of it, the moment of doubt would still be there I think. It's a huge commitment and I've had some of those same concerns my self. What if things change and you no longer want to serve this person or anyone at all? What if things don't feel like they used to and no longer find the same joy you once had with your mistress? Etc. Add in the idea of serving for eternity and those fears and questions go through the roof!

Unlike previous captions where the picture gave me the idea and I wrote up the story, I got the idea from a song I had been listening too recently. The lyrics them self's did not inspire me, it was the beat and tone of the song that did. It had a supernatural feeling to it and is the reason I got the idea to play off of Mistress Simone's goddess persona in the first place.

When ever I caption I almost always have a select group of songs playing in the background to help set the mood. I'm not sure how many other caption authors do this. But I do know Caitlyn (Caitlyns masks) does and has made a couple of captions directly inspired by a song's lyrics. Lately I've been wrapped up in creepy/scary songs and usually use them to set the mood for my darker story's. But if I am doing something sexy or more upbeat, I'll listen to something more suited for that sort of caption.

Does anyone else use music to help get them in the right frame of mind for a story? Or do you have to have silence when you create something? Also I am posting my list of Creepy/scary songs here and if anyone has any suggestions for the list please let me know! And if you any songs you listen to while capping I would love to hear them too. ^_^

Dark mood play list:
Wild Colonials - Cure
John Frizzell - My little box
the pAper chAse - Said the Spider to the Fly (Thanks to Dee from dee-lusions of grandeur)
the pAper chAse - Don't You Wish You Had Some More?
Spf 1000 - Haunted house (This is the song I listened to for today's caption. heh, Believe it or not!)
Nine inch nails - Closer
Nine inch nails - Meet your master
Coil - Main title unreleased hellrasier theme
Massive Attack - paradise circus (remix) (Thanks to Caitlyn!)
Massive Attack - angel (Again, thanks to Caitlyn! Feels like it's building towards something, lots of tension. )
Black lab - This Night
Gary jules - Mad World 
Smashing pumpkins - The beginning is the end is the beginning
The Prodigy - Voodoo people (Pendulum remix)
Castlevania - Lost painting
She wants revenge - tear you apart
She wants revenge - These things
Golden Earrings - Twilight zone
Black Sabbath - Electric Funeral
Nirvana - Heart shaped box
The Rolling Stones - Paint it black
The Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the devil 
Aerosmith - Kings and Queens
Serj Tankian - Lie Lie Lie (the video reminds me of a dream of hell I had once. No really!)
Deftones - My own summer
Deftones - Sweetest perfection (It's a cover of a Depeche Mode song)
Don henley - The Garden of Allah
Gus - Don't fear the reaper
Concrete blonde - Bloodletting (AKA The Vampire song)
Korn - Twisted Transistor
Marilyn ,Manson - Sweet dreams (are made of this)
Marilyn Manson - The Nobodies
Rob Zombie - Return of the phantom stranger
Nick cave and the bad seeds- red right hand
Rob Dougan - Furious angel  (Thanks to Caitlyn!)
Alice Cooper - Pretty ballerina (a often unheard of song from the god father of shock rock)
Die form - Zoopsia
Saw theme - Hello zepp
John carpenter - Halloween theme
Richard band - Puppet master theme (if you have not watched the first 3 puppet mast films, do so now!)
Kylie Minoque/Nick cave - Where the wild roses grow  (Thanks to Dee! Forgot about this one)
Cradle of filth - Nymphetamine (Suggestion from Dee!)
Rasputina - Tourniquet (Another Submission from Dee. I like this better then mansons version. thanks!)
London after midnight - The Bondage Song (Another one from Dee. and also has the unique honor of being the only song on the list of being made into a caption for me! )
iron Maiden - Fear of the dark (live version)  (I agree with Dee, the live version is great!)
Jack Conte - The way it was before (A suggestion from my brother. and no, he dosen't know about this blog.)
Peeping tom - mojoKorn - Coming Undone
Slipknot - Vermillion
Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare(I sent Smitty to a sissy hell, Thanks to this song!)

And Please don't comment on my taste in music. I love love LOVE music of all kinds and this is just a drop in the bucket of the sort of stuff I listen to.  It's not all creepy horror themed stuff and it's not all rock or pop either. I'm pretty open to a lot of different genres of music. My only request for suggestions is please stay away from songs that scream so loud you can't understand them or hear the music they are trying to play. Ultimately what makes the list will be how i feel about the song. But Please, I'm willing to give anything a shot once!

PS. yes, i know there's mistakes in the caps. but i can't edit the original file with out losing it.


venatus said...

I haven't' capped in a long time, but when I'm doing homework or on the rare occasion I do write something I do often put music on, though usually I pick a genre and stream Pandora.

Mistress Simone said...

I loved it when i saw it and I still love this. Thank you so much hon

Caitlyn Masked said...

Yup, I have had several songs scrolling through my head because it really set the mood for a particular cap.

For the most part, I just put up my music library and have it play at random. If I am capping, and a song comes up that takes me out of the mood, I just click the 'next' button until something else fills that void. But for the most part, the music is just the background. It might get something in my subcioncous going, but it is rarely intentional.

the thing in our post that I find the creepiest though is the thought that someone would 'have to have silence when you create something?'. I couldn't stand that. I have to have something going.

Great post Jennifer. I am really curious to see what everyone's music choices are for capping.
OH, and Great Cap!

Jennifer said...

@ Cindy
I like Pandora a lot for it's suggestions and personalized radio stations, and it works for homework or some other task I'm performing where I just want some music in the background while I toil away. But when I'm writing a caption or story, I need something to help set the mood for what ever the story calls for And Pandora dosen't always hit the mark for that.

@ Simone. I'm glad you enjoyed it Mistress. I know you have read the caption before, but if you have any thing to say about capping to music or silence, I would love to hear it. ^_^ Also, if you do listen to anything, I would love to hear any of your suggestions.

@ Caitlyn
I have discussed this with you at length and I know you like to use music in much the same way I do. i never intentionally try to find a story in a song, but I found songs that made me think, "there's a caption in there some where." Unfortunately, I don't always find it.

And yes, I find it near impossible to write anything if I'm not listening to something and tuning out the rest of the world around me. I have done it, but it's not easy to get into the right frame of mind with out it.

And you would be surprised, there's lots of people who need silence while they create. I can't remember who, but there is someone I know that needs silence while they write. I couldn't wrap my head around that at first, but then I don't think they could wrap their head around playing a song while capping either.

Betty said...

Delicious caption; really captures that moment.

I do love listening to music as I write captions; but I rarely try and pick out a song to go with what I want to write. Music has informed my captions from time to time, but usually at one remove. I do need music to keep me from getting distracted though.

Dee Mentia said...

I probably could, but won't listen to music while making captions. The silence keeps anything from infringing on my concentration, and can derail my imagination. For instance, can anyone that has seen Apocalypse Now NOT think of that movie when they hear "The End" by The Doors.

I LOVE music, and have performed on stage quite a bit with bands when I was younger (and I still write music now as well) and have a huge collection. However, most songs stir up memories, recollections, or other things that my mind relates to real life incidents. The last thing I really want to intrude upon the fantasy worlds I am making is a strong sense of my real life creeping in.

I use things that happen in my life often as stepping off points in captions, but its always just that .. an idea to branch off upon.

That being said, great list of songs. For those looking more for a mood than actual songs, should look for more Coil. Not "Icons of Coil" just Coil. Unfortunately, the last original member passed away recently, but they were masters of ambient electronic minimalist music.

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