Friday, March 4, 2011

Hey everyone! I know I haven't posted much the last couple of days, but I think most of you know I've been having a hard time with a writers block. Slowly but surely, I'm getting out of that funk. But I guess it doesn't excuse me from posting older caps... Opps!

This was just a fun little caption I did for Cronus at the haven. I of course have a huge fetish for blowjobs and cum.. So the theme in the cap is a personal favorite of mine. It's simple and clichéd,  but I think it's effective. ^_^

And I posted that caption to accompany todays question!

(Why do I love the taste of cum so much??)

I'm not sure why you love the taste of cum so much, but I often wonder why I have a thing for it myself.. Having a mistress or two in the past, I've umm... indulged in my kink for cum swallowing and I can say I do not love the taste of it. I don't mind it, but It's not so much about the taste as it is the act of it. 


Caitlyn Masked said...

Very hot caption there Jennifer! I really like the moment of calm 'oh... you didn't do that to me' before the storm of 'oh dammit you DID!' feelings.

You know I've wondered the same thing as your questioner (well not the same thing.. I've wondered why some people love the taste, not me). If I'm to be honest, I can say that I've tasted my own cum before. As a methodical person I tasted it twice.... and really didn't care for it either time. I wouldn't say I hated it, but I really have no desire to taste it, or any other man's cum again.

But like you, my fantasies do revolve a lot around cum. Hitting the back of my throat, being shot over my face, being rubbed up into my nostrils *wink*. But it is the act that I have to sit (or kneel!) there and accept it. Writing about and reading about the act of tasting cum drives that humiliation needle into the red every single time. I doubt it would do so if I had never tasted it before.

Jennifer said...

@ Caitlyn

Thank you! ^_^ Glad you liked the caption.

I've tasted my own more then I can count.. But that was all about training.. and practice.. and rewards.. But I never enjoyed the taste, as much as.. I got used to it. Again, it's just the over all act of it, it can be used as an extension of so many of my other kinks, humiliation and submission being the most notable.

I umm.. Gagged the first few times, the taste just wasn't my thing. But, now I know what it tastes like and when I read it in a caption it hits home even harder! heh..

Of course, some people make it taste like candy in a caption, which I love that too. Mostly because, I know what it should taste like, and for some reason the me thats in the caption can only taste the best thing ever! That is even more humiliating to me now, then it was before, because now I know what I should be tasting, but the bastard in the cap makes me lap it up like it's liquid candy!

Dee Mentia said...

I would assume for your fantasies (both Caitlyn and Jennifer) that its an ultimate act of submission. Taking something as manly as another guy's seed, and swallowing it (even worse if you are getting it directly from the source) is probably the most submissive thing you could do.

Caitlyn Masked said...


It's funny, I didn't gag. I really separated the physical sensation and taste from the mental Ewwwness. Physically it is just an edible substance. Sure it's source is off putting, but that is mental. Cum is just something that a body makes, like muscle and blood, both of which we find edible when it comes from an animal. The taste, as I said wasn't good, but I've had foods that were much worse. If it wasn't for the mental side I would find it more acceptable than liver or asparagus.

But there is that mental side. I couldn't get away from thinking that this is a Man's Seed. Yes, caps intended. It is something for a Superior person to feed to an Inferior person. The fact that it was my own seed, didn't matter. I felt like one side of me was purposefully humiliating another side of me. And that humiliation was delicious!


For me I don't know that submission is the focus of my fantasy. When I think in terms of Submission and Domination I think of willful joint acts. The person submitting is willfully submitting to the dominant who is willfully dominating the submissive. They are working with both of their fantasies at the same time. The submissive is enjoying his/her submission, but working to make the dominant happy. The Dom is enjoying the domination, but working to make the submissive happy.

just can't stay in a mindset of submission for long. On The Dom/Sub scale I would actually put myself more on the Dom side. I just don't know if I could ever submit to someone for more than few moments. I have plenty of fantasies of dominating a submissive, making them feel the humiliation that I enjoy so much, and enforcing their own fantasies onto them. When I imagine myself in the submissive role, it is all about me. I could care less if the Dom is enjoying him/herself, and I don't picture them caring how I feel... they are just enforcing THEIR will on me whether I want it, like it, or can even handle it.

So when it comes to cum... for me it is more about the humiliation. In my 'narrow minded heterosexual' upbringing that substance was for making babies. In my 'narrow minded heterosexual' adolescence, it was also for women. While I try to think of myself as far more open-minded now, those stigmas still cling on. So it is humiliating to just KNOW what the taste is. Let alone have the memory of its taste enhance reading about the act, or fantasizing about the act.

Jennifer said...

Ughhh!!!! I just tried to comment 3 times to this post! I don't know what's going on, but i'm going to come back to this later and finally finish what I was trying to say. *sigh* I just hope this little msg finally goes through.

venatus said...

ohhh love the way you played with expectations there, and then capped it off with her being held down and her new master masturbating in her face. very very hot.

sasha said...

You're a cum whore in training.

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