Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sorry this is going up so late, I had a few things I needed to take care of. But it's here now! So I hope everyone is still having fun and have been enjoying them self's, because it looks like Jennifer is!

I was going to give a couple of lines about the cap today, but it wasn't going to be any more then the past few posts I've made. That is, until I read this in the comments section.


Love this part of the story. It is showing what I was looking forward to.... playing about this being a 'fantasy' within another fantasy. It really begs the question of what we would do if thrust into our own fantasy. Cooling the situation off with "Yes Ma'am" might be the most appropriate thing, but it never works out that way in the fantasy!)

I really enjoyed that aspect of this story, (obviously) It just simply asked what if? And then I get to have fun writing up that what if! At this point the story feels safe to her even though the gravity of the situation is largely unknown. The reason being is this is all stuff she (me?) fantazied about and wished she could act out. SO that's what she's trying to do right now, act it out. It feels familiar, she's used to these fantasy's and they were always fun dreaming them up. acting them out has to be better right?

But there isn't any safe words or friendly faces in Jennifer's fantasy worlds, (at least for now) There's only the original fantasy it came from, which for me usually start out very dark. The person in those fantasy's never has my best interest at heart and only care about themselves and what they desire. And I think Jennifer will learn (remember?) that truth in due time.

and I have to correct something. Jojo asked me the other day about how she can join me after the break. I misunderstood the question, i thought she was talking about the Jennifer story and how she was about to start work for the coffee shop. Now that I have thought it over, I think she meant when I say things like "join me after the break"

I'm referring to the jump break I put in the text field for my posts.  It separates part of the text from the rest of it, requiring you to click the post and read the rest of what I said. So I'm asking everyone to click on the post and read the of it. I hope that clears up any confusion Jojo. ^_^


Dee Mentia said...

The meta-ness is what is making this really interesting. The fact that "Jennifer" can see where it is going is fun, and I can't wait to see if it follows "script" or detours because of Jennifer's awareness.

Caitlyn Masked said...

I agree with Dee. I can see this going so many different directions. There is the fantasies fantasy of a guy being transformed into a coffee shop woman. That alone can go so many directions. But add it Jennifer's awareness and you've multiplied the set of possibilities many times over!

Loving it Jennifer!

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