Monday, March 7, 2011

You may have seen this caption already over here at Caitlyn's Masks blog, but I wanted to post it up over here as well. I'm very proud of how it turned out and the whole project was a joy to work on.^_^ 

Plus, I wanted to give my side of the story. :D

So, if you haven't seen Caitlyns blog or the original 
Post over here at the haven. Paris: City of light, Love, and Sissies  is a collaboration Between me and the ultra talented Caitlyn.

She had some more time to hang around and chat on IM lately, so that also meant she had more time to cap. Knowing that, I thought I would suggest we do something together, We both agree on a lot of things and I was hopeful she would be as excited and intrigued by the idea as I was.

As luck would have it, she was! So, Fast forward a bit and a couple of days later we were discussing who are lucky victim was going to be. Mine and Caitlyns prefs are very close to each other, so I started there. Just the other day my friend dee was capping a few other traders at the haven, she mentioned sarinedavis prefs and I gave them a look. I couldn't find one thing that didn't ring a bell with my prefs, so I knew they would touch on Caitlyns as well. 

Once we agreed on who to cap, we had to come up with a story. But even though I had collaborated before, I was a little lost on the next step.I was a little worried that the slight difference's in how we create captions would hang us up, but everything went very smoothly. It was a good back and forth between us, for everything I did for the story and caption, Caitlyn did something as well.

Just about every thing in the caption had a little bit of us both in it, I chose the color of the text boxes based on Caitlyns photoshop mock up, I wrote the first few lines and then Caitlyn added a few details here and there making the story POP when needed. She came up with the mistress and Former slave sitting down at the restaurant and talking and I Suggested we use a dialog driven story.

And to be honest, I suggested we go with a dialog driven story because I found it easier... Caitlyn had a few suggestions on how we could tell the story and gave an example or two, but I wanted to give the Mistress and former slave both a personality and given them both something to say let me do that. Caitlyn liked the idea and asked me to start it off and give an example.

I usually do this sort of thing in Comic life so I know how much room I have, I just played it safe and gave a few lines right there in IM. We already knew the angle we were going for, so I just had to flesh it out. It wasn't that different from what I normally do, except that I was consciously limiting each line. That helped later because that let Caitlyn come in and give her sexy details. ^_^

Things like "Getting him into stockings and a garter belt at the hotel was a piece of cake."  and "Then she went off in a huff with just her corset, stockings and heel's."   I saw the mistress as a cruel woman that didn't give a damn about her pets feelings, so "In a huff" and "piece of cake" made light of those feelings. She was really only after her own pleasure and Caitlyn played off of my opening draft masterfully.

I thought we might have had one or two false starts going in to this, but I was pretty confident both of us could  come up with something wonderful together and the end result was better then I dreamed! Everything felt like it fell into place naturally and me and Caitlyn didn't have to force anything. Not once did we argue over this or that, I felt like I could have suggested anything and she would have considered it. I hope I gave her the same impression. she gave plenty of wonderful suggestions and I don't think we would have the final draft of this story if it wasn't for them.  I think having similar tastes helped greatly! That and Caitlyn is just a joy to chat and work with. ^_^

So.. There ends my alternative commentary on Paris: City of lights, Love, and sissies. I hope you enjoyed it and the caption!


Dee Mentia said...

This is why having blogs like ours is necessary. People read the captions, but don't always get the story behind the scenes (ie. trials and tribulations, back story, etc ..)

I always think it is good to lift the veil and see how our sausage is made (or taken away from guys who deserve it!)

It sounds like your stories are very complementary and like Batman and Superman, you'll team up again at some point to save the world from blandness with pointed dialog and sexy pictures!

Caitlyn Masked said...

I have to say it was a blast doing this with you. I did get that impression that I could suggest anything, and that it would be heard with an open mind.

I'm sure we'll hook up again. So many people to cap!

Samantha said...

Well I keep coming back, where do I
sign up for the corset training? As
a documented cross-dresser, corset
training would look good on my resume!

Mistress Simone said...

This is textbook descriptive conversation of breaking in a sissy. It read so easy and went down like a smooth glass of wine. The ending gives it that last needed kick to put it over the top.

Some of my favorite of your writing.

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