Sunday, March 20, 2011

Next year, Name tags!

OK, I'm sorry that this is going up so late, but when it rains it pours. My keyboard is giving me hell and I'm having to do part of this with the on-screen keyboard. But thanks to Caityn, (thanks!) I should be able to get it fixed here soon.

This was my 4th caption I ever did. And unlike the others, this one actually has a story! It was also the first time I used different color text for the dialog and the first time that the picture helped to inspire the story. I wanted to do something for Tiffany anne, one of the first caption authors I would follow regularly, So I knew I wanted to do something similar to her story's. She didn't have any prefs but I knew she liked crossdressers and the occasional incest. Once I saw the picture, it all clicked for me.

It's a simple story, but I still think it holds up to this day. I was really happy with how I introduced not only the crossdressing, but the incest too. I went with a cousin though because I'm not really into incest my self, So making it a cousin helped me a little.  I got lots of compliments for the story and it gave me the confidence to try out more detailed story's with more depth to them then my first few offerings. SO for a number of reasons, I consider this my first true caption.

I can't remember what my next caption was, but it was for Feeling femme's trade folders. Timing may have had more to do with me writing more captions then anything else. If it wasn't for the trade folder I probably would have quit after so long. But Because of this caption and then joining other caption authors in trades, it helped to keep me in the game. I learned a lot about making captions from that forum, but I didn't really take off until I joined the haven and joined the trade gallery there. In fact I'm one of the first members with a trade folder! ^_^ 3rd only to Rachel and Shauna Marie folders.


Caitlyn Masked said...

Excellent cap. I do have to admit that I find incest a little off putting. Enough so that I don't think I could create a cap involving it. Bur the story is good! And the different text colors does give it some oomph!

venatus said...

I'm with you in the not liking incest, but ti's still a very nice and well done cap.

Geofrey said...

Oh that is SO WRONG! Love it.
And good luck with the computer issues.

Samantha said...

I hadn't realized you were #3
at Rachels Haven- that's a long
time - I'm not even #3 from
the bottom in the last of the
third trading folders, in my
new personna. So I'm impressed
in a "dang are you that old"
sort of way!
You're right cousin stuff
is less ewww, it's a fun caption
if they are second cousins or
something like that.

Jennifer said...

@ Caitlyn Venatus

I would have that as a big no for me. But there's a few caption authors out there do a lot of it. But in them, it usually had a lot of other themes, (Humiliation, sissy, crossdressing, etc.) So i would over look the incest and pretend they were just friends or something. I guess that's why I was OK with making caps for them, I just wrote up a story I liked and replaced it with the incest angle.

@ geofrey
thanks! I hope to get what i need soon. I really want to get back to the delayed Jennifer story.

@ Samantha
heh, And I used to be folder number 2 if I'm not mistaking. But that was for the haven's beta site. I've been capping for around 8 years now.

Mistress Simone said...

Love the wicked little extra here. It's well done and you really picked a good picture!

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