Sunday, June 3, 2012

Let's forget it, please?

Today's caption is for Smitty From Smitty's TG Caps. I'm sure most of you are familiar with his work, but if you aren't then you should be! He's been posting a few theme weeks lately and update's almost daily. (show off!)

He also has a fantastic choose your own Adventure series and is working on a new one. I don't know how he keeps up and produces such top notch work, But I'm glad he does. He's made enough button pushers and gut wrenching story's to fill 3 blogs and still going strong!

So I really hope he enjoys this hopefully, sticky button pusher of a series. He's made me plenty of of them and I hope this is a small drop in the bucket for all of the enjoyment he's provided.

Oh, I also have to thank him for this series of photos. ^_^


smitty said...

So many things to love. "playing with my breasts like they were water balloons.I'm just the only one getting wet", having to fake being a flirty bimbo, the casual cruelty of my boss, the desperate conflict of wanting to cum to end the curse, but not wanting to enjoy it so much, the bimbo dialect (i don't know which tastes better, his cock or my ass, her description of losing to him)...

And more I'll probably find on my umpteenth read through.

But most impressive of all, you made a stuck with cum series that was novel. You used one of my least favorite gimmicks and found a way to make me love it!

Realfield said...

Oh this was such a great tribute to the Smitty style. And though the themes been done countless times, it was a thoroughly enjoyable and nasty ride. Loved it

Jennifer said...

Thank you very much! I'm glad that the tired old themes here were still enjoyable. I like trying to breath a little life into something that used to be Very sexy and well featured in TG caps.

I tried to fit it to Smitty's pref's and likes as much as possible, but as usual that was actually pretty easy. The hard part was trying to find the photo set for my idea, I took 3 day's till finally Smitty gave me a link to this one.

I added Smitty's humor and kept to a series length, But I think there's quite a bit of my own style in there too.

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