Thursday, June 28, 2012

at least once

Even though I stink at hypnosis my self and it's been a year since I've had anything to do with it personally,  I still love it as a transformation theme.

Even so, I don't think this is my best hypnosis cap. And The picture it self, I feel deserves better then what I came up with. But, I wrote it, i saved it, So here it is. I hope some people out there get a kick out of it. ^_^


venatus said...

love it

Starla DX said...

Great Cap, love the revenge and hypnotism with the music and such, very creative and deviously wonderful, awesome Jennifer :)

Dee Mentia said...

Don't sell yourself short on the hypnosis stuff Jennifer! You did a great RP with me a few years ago that was quite steamy AND quite believable!

Isn't music the opiates of the masses? If not, it should be!

Caitlyn Masked said...

Great story Jennifer. I like the fact that Dylan took months to change Brian, and how the culmination built upon Brian's preconceptions of what a girl was supposed to do. Wonderful cap!

Ginger said...

Great Cap Jennifer, I thought it was great, I loved how the last step wasn't even hypnosis, just accepting his fate!

Jennifer said...

@ Everyone

Thank you all for the compliments. With out your feedback and kind words, I don't think there would be a blog to post anything to. heh.

@ Dee

Thank you for that. I was talking about how well I fared at real hypnosis though. I thought I was doing pretty well, but I stink at it.

My friend who was doing it with me, moved on. She say's that she's too inexperienced to help me, but she is still playing with a couple of others, so I'm just not any good at it.

Anonymous said...

Serves Brian right! Glad he seems happy with the punishment though! Win-win!

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