Monday, June 4, 2012

with the sound of my voice

This came from a strange idea,  a secret meeting displaying new technology that allows for the character's current predicament. I didn't exactly explain a lot of stuff, hoping instead to let the readers fill in the blanks of how she got there.

And you might know the person featured in today's caption,  Caitlyn! she comment's on my work often, and I wanted to show her my appreciation with a little something fun while she isn't feeling well.

She's getting better, But infections are no fun! So I hope this pushes a couple of buttons and brings a smile to her face. ^_^


Caitlyn Masked said...

This indeed brought a smile to my face Jennifer. Not only did it hit several buttons, but its a wonderful image and story. The starkness of the design adds to the beauty of it, making it far more than the sum of its parts (which was already very good!) Thank you so much!

venatus said...

you know me, I'm a cyberpunk fan and a mind control fan, so yes I loved this cap, it was brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Incredible caption, not only is the story indeed a great button pusher, but, as Caitlyn said, the design is excellent. The starkness really gives it a clinical and dark atmosphere that fits beautifully with the story. This definetly makes the list as one of my favorites of your caps!

Anonymous said...

Cold and concise. Great pic. Great cap.

Jennifer said...

@ Caitlyn

Of course you know that Im very happy that it pushed some buttons for you and that you enjoyed the look. I had to make the pic black and white just to match the cold text below.

@ Venatus

I thought of you when I was first coming up with the idea, i thought you might like the idea of being reprogrammed with just someones voice.

@ Anon.

I'm so glad that people enjoyed the look of the caption. I very nearly used another pic or look, simply because the pic was too orange when i first capped it. It was striking, but for the story and the look of the caption, it clashed. So, I fiddled with it and got to keep both the picture and the empty look.

@ Realfield

Thank you! I was hoping that it would come across as cold and just to the point. I wanted it to sound more like he was talking about a product, not a person.

Ginger said...

I missed this when you first posted. I really like the cap, and the options it leaves itself open to...Once I let my mind fill in the blanks it gets even better, I love the stark look, Clear and concise.

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