Monday, June 25, 2012

Just a Machine

I've made a few universes for me to play in over the years, most just so I could have a certain Transformation theme going and whip up a few more captions once the method of transformation was figured out. But lately, it seems that my pink bottom's school and living doll series has taken on a mind of it's own.

What I mean by that is, used to I would start with the idea of the cap being based in, oh, say my idea for candle's that change you into a girl with just a whiff of it's scent. But with these two universes, I'll come up with an idea and then suddenly think to my self, "Hey!this would be perfect for pink bottom's, or living doll."

I hope everyone is enjoying them as much as I've been enjoying expanding it and fleshing out the world they are set in.


Ginger said...

Nice Cap Jennifer! I was totally squirming right from the beginning. Hot story, hot pic, and the way she gets back at her husband while still keeping him around could be quite useful! Keep it up.

smitty said...

GAH! This is so steamy and twisted. Getting revenge and rewarding him at the same time. That's it, it's official. Your Living Doll caps are way better than my Dollz universe. I'm making Living Doll caps from now on.

Caitlyn Masked said...

That is a damned sexy cap Jennifer. Pic, design, and story all mesh together into a nice sweaty squirmy wonderful cap! I've always admired the idea of the dolls universe, but unlike smitty I'm not even going to step up to the plate. I mean who wants to follow Babe Ruth!?

Jennifer said...

@ Ginger

Glad to hear it had the squirm factor I was going for. ^_^ Thank you!

@ Smitty

Wow! If you make living doll caps, I will be eagerly searching them out and seeing what you can bring to the universe and story telling!

@ Caitlyn

I'm glad you admire the idea, I did the same with your technologist series. ^_^ I'm sure if you did take a swing at it, you would knock it out of the park in your own special style. Just bringing your Caitlyn feel to it would be a treat to read.

venatus said...

ohh, wonderful.

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