Thursday, June 14, 2012

Today's Caption is brought to you by, Angel, of Angels Captions. She deals in lot's of different themes and subjects, with a knack for cosplay and anime themed caps.

For what ever reason, her caption would not post correctly to her blog, so I took this opportunity to put in a plug for her and her work, and help out with her problem. If you enjoyed today's cap, please drop her a msg over at her blog and follow along. ^_^

Speaking of placing a plug, my good friend Ginger has created her own blog to post her work. She's new to this and just now getting her blog together. So, Drop on over and give her a hello. ^_^


Ginger said...

Ohhh I really like that story! Good Job Angel! Will she lose on purpose? Will her body betray her?

Also big props for using a pic from the Street Fighter Movie!

Angel said...

Thanks for the plug Jennifer, and for posting this in the proper orientation for me. Still wish I could figure out a way to stop blogging from shrinking longer images, makes the text hard to read.

Ginger, I'm glad you like the caption. Though I do have to say that, despite how good she looks, the model is not a professional actress, and this image is not from a movie. The cosplayer in question can be found on DeviantArt under the name onpaperwings. She also happens to be a friend of one of the californian cosplayers I hung out with some time back.

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